Musical Legacies Online Museum project launched by Gary 17 and

Donate at or contact Gary 17

Donate at or contact Gary 17



I need the music community’s support for this new project:


A campaign to establish the Musical Legacies Online Museum website archive of articles, photos, music, etc. memorializing and celebrating the lives of deceased performers on the Greater Toronto Area music scene.

About the Musical Legacies Online Museum project:

A disagreeable but important part of what I do as the publisher of (and its hard copy progenitors to-nite and Open Season) for the past 23 years is to write death notices and obituaries about GTA performers who have passed on.

Some of the dozens of artists whose obits I’ve written over the years were fairly well known locally, but most are far less renowned than perhaps their talents merited. (I’ve tended to usually forgo writing about people whose deaths and lives were extensively covered by the mainstream press, except when I have a unique perspective to offer.)

To those who knew, performed with or enjoyed the music of the departed, their importance has not diminished and in some cases their music does live on, though isn’t always easy to find.  But I believe their lives and leavings form an important part of the history and fabric of the GTA music scene.

I have long felt there should be a proper repository of biographies, photos, music, etc. to memorialize and celebrate the lives of these people and recent events have motivated me to begin that project now.  But I need the help of the musical community to make it a reality.

What I’m planning to do is to establish the Musical Legacies Online Museum archive, on a new website I have registered.  It will contain articles and photos pertaining to those deceased, assembled in an easy-to-access way that helps to keep the memories of them alive.   In addition there will be a capability for visitors to reposit their own stories and photos, links to the extant music and videos of the departed and a calendar which notes the passing dates of the various artists who are memorialized with live links to their bios.   It’ll be a kind of “hall of fame” for the less famous but important artists who’ve touched the lives of those in the GTA musical community.

This will involve scanning pages and photos and transcribing notes from 23 years of my publications as well as other source materials and I have a person available to help do that work, though of course she’ll need to be paid something for such a considerable investment of time. In addition to that we need dough to set up the website and to retrieve certain archival materials currently in storage.

Once the project is set up and goes live it will cost almost nothing to maintain as I will be adding materials on an ongoing basis as part of what I do with and of course visitors will also submit materials to be included.

The total budget to launch this undertaking is $2,500, so I’m asking for help to get this historically important project up and running. If you truly support live music and the live music community, you can help to keep its history alive by donating to this project.

Any amount you can contribute will be helpful. In return for a donation of $20 or more you’ll receive regular email notifications about the progress of the project (who has been added into the “hall”, opening of new sections on the site, etc.).

Donations can be made through the campaign or directly via PayPal to or Interac transfer to Other options can also be arranged -contact me for details.

-Gary 17