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THE SCRATCHY NEEDLE 005: Music to Murder By

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\ By Donna Lypchuk for TorontoMoon.ca \ I have murder on mind lately, not because I particularly feel like killing anyone, but because I ran across a YouTube video of an Alfred Hitchcock album I used to love as a ten-year old called Alfred Hitchcock Presents Music to Be Murdered By.  This wonderful 1958 novelty…

The Scratchy Needle 004: Living The Handmaid’s Tale Dream

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\ By Donna Lypchuk for TorontoMoon.ca \ “The Handmaid’s Tale” has been on my mind a lot lately, not just because I have been a fan of Margaret Atwood’s brilliant dystopian novel since I first reviewed it in 1985, but mainly because I am sitting, where I sit every day, in one of the skeletal…

THE SCRATCHY NEEDLE 001: Mary Had A Little Copyright Problem

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By Donna Lypchuk for TorontoMoon.ca Mary had a little lamb —but not for dinner in Greektown with a bit of cumin, tzatziki and a nice Pinot Noir.  Instead, she brought one to school in the 1830s, where it made the children laugh and play in Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA, which to this day still only…