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Brian Lee Griffith at Hamilton Music Awards -HAMILTON MUSIC AWARDS

\ HAMILTON \ I’ve written a couple of times about local songwriters who frequently cover songs penned by their musical colleagues, most notably Brian Jantzi and his pretty impressive repertoire of tunes by fellow Roots and Pop composers as well as shows he’s staged along with violinist-keyboardist Zoe Henderson at which players “swap songs” by…

Toronto Moon 110130, Sunday January 30, 2011

Toronto Moon 110130, Sunday January 30, 2011

Peter Eastmure releasing cd at Dave’s Sun. Jan. 30 The music of Peter Eastmure eloquently makes the argument that attempting to classify an artist into a pigeonhole of “Folk”, “Jazz”, “Rock” or “Pop” is an artificial and essentially fruitless endeavour.  For Eastmure’s songs, rich with his lush vocals and accompanied sometimes by a full orchestra,…