UPDATE: Committee formed to reopen and operate Hugh’s Room

Al Lerman at Hugh's Room sign

The following message now appears on the website of Hugh’s Room, the club at 2261 Dundas St. West that closed abruptly last week: “A committee has been struck and yesterday met to explore ways to restructure and make Hugh’s Room work in the future. “The focus is squarely on several priorities: •Re-opening the doors as…

Hugh’s Room could still be saved, owner says

Landing page image for Hugh's Room website

—But advance ticket holders not likely to be refunded for cancelled shows \ 170109/16:30 | Monday January 09, 2017, 16:30 \ Although it remains closed and sold-out concerts scheduled for this week have been cancelled without likely prospect of refunds, the owner of iconic TO venue Hugh’s Room has told CBC News that the room…

BULLETIN: Hugh’s Room bankrupt, says publicist/booker Flohill

Richard Flohill tweet from January 8, 2017.

Veteran publicist and talent booker Richard Flohill, who has worked closely with west-end music venue Hugh’s Room since its opening in April of 2001, tweeted this morning that the owners have “apparently declared bankruptcy.” The club’s website calendar indicates that two shows scheduled for last week and another that was planned for Tuesday have been…