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Toronto Moon 110130, Sunday January 30, 2011

Toronto Moon 110130, Sunday January 30, 2011

Peter Eastmure releasing cd at Dave’s Sun. Jan. 30 The music of Peter Eastmure eloquently makes the argument that attempting to classify an artist into a pigeonhole of “Folk”, “Jazz”, “Rock” or “Pop” is an artificial and essentially fruitless endeavour.  For Eastmure’s songs, rich with his lush vocals and accompanied sometimes by a full orchestra,…

Toronto Moon 026, March 04, 2010

Moon 026, March 04, 2010, Page 01

Here are the jpg pages from Toronto  Moon #026, back when the paper was a weekly being distributed as jpgs to subscribers via email and posted on the Toronto Moon groups on Yahoo and Facebook.  

from THE VAULT: Toronto Moon 003 – Sept. 24, 2009 / jpgs of excerpted pages

Toronto Moon 003 - Page 01

FROM THE VAULT: Excerpts from Toronto Moon, September 24, 2009: Featuring articles about Craig Martin’s Classic Albums Live by Lisa McDonald; Ontario-wide show listings; articles or photos highlighting: Danny B, Big Rude Jake, Stella Rose, Tracy K, Liquor Pigs, Paul James, Nicole Christian, Johnny Cox, Bri-Anne Swan’s new cd, Sally O’Connor’s karaoke show.    …