Steve Fever should show he’s no ‘one-trick-Ramone-y’ at Linsmore tonight


Steve Fever -17

Steve Fever -17

New York-born Steve Fever has been a featured guitarist and “punkpretty” songwriter sharing the stage with The Ramones, was part of Canada’s Punk scene for many years and has often been heard growling and snarling accompanied by his thrashing guitar at performances on stages across Toronto over the years.

But there’s more depth to this complex, persona-shrouded artist than those who’ve heard him in his more hard-edged incarnations may realize.

As he’s demonstrated at my open stages on a couple of occasions —and also at other shows from time to time— Fever is as equally capable of delivering a softer, melodic Country tune on acoustic guitar as he is of unleashing angst-driven musical attacks.

Though he tends to keep a low profile when not in the spotlight on stage, you can find some of his tunes recorded at and there are also several videos of him in various performance styles on YouTube.

Tonight he brings in a band to do the indie showcase from 10-1 at east TO’s Linsmore Tavern (1298 Danforth Ave., steps from Greenwood subway station) and it’s hard to predict exactly what sort of Fever the audience will be exposed to at the no-cover show. But I intend to find out!