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Brian Gladstone web architect

Laura Hubert Band Pop/Jazz singer/band;  see also Facebook Page

Southside Johnny’s Etobicoke pub/live music room


Actors Fund Of Canada

Bullseye Records (Bullseye Records of Canada Inc.) recording company run by Jaimie Vernon featuring iconic Can-Con artits

Canadian Roots Radio

Carol Cain ~photo-journalist

Concrete City Records ~independent recording label ~live music 7 nights a week

Michel & Barbara’s House Concerts -house concert shows for various artists

momondays ~networking/storytelling/live music motivational events in Toronto, Guelph, Aurora, Barrie, Kitchener-Waterloo and elsewhere.

Red Door Studios ~recording studio in Toronto’s Beaches area

Relish ~live music 7 nights a week

SongTown ~Song publishing, concerts, compilation albums

Winterfolk Blues & Roots Festival

Zest Radio Show on Twitter with host Zest ~”linking music to ears of the universe and beyond”


MusicLynk Magazine (for GTA outlying areas)

Canada InTune Magazine

Songkick -Toronto Concerts page

Indie 88.1 ~indie radio station


1867 Band featuring Benny Rave ~Rock/Blues covers

20 Thousand Days ~indie Rock featuring Paul Smith on keys

Abbey Sholzberg ~Jazz/Blues bassist: bass player with Club Django ~Django Reinhardt based Gypsy Jazz; bass player with John Wayne Swingtet ~Gypsy Swing Jazz; member Django Gypsy Jam ~Gypsy Swing Jazz; bass player with Django Gypsy Jam ~Gypsy Jazz; bass player with Mediterranean Stars also featuring Ed Roth on accordion ~eclectic European/Middle Eastern Jazz/klemzer Folk); bass player with Metro Big Band ~Swing/Pop Jazz; bass player with Mega City Swing Band ~big band Swing Jazz; bass player with Jacques Russell Trio also featuring Michel Neray ~eclectic Blues/Jazz/Pop; bass player with Hot Five Jazzmakers ~traditional Jazz

Against The Wind~Bob Seger tribute featuring Amand

Against The Wind~Bob Seger tribute featuring Amanda Gordon [which see] and Josh Gordon [which see]

Al Reilly‘s Catalyst ~classic Rock covers & originals

Alan Glennie ~guitarist with The Chicago Project [which also see]

Alex Pangman & Her Alleycatz also featuring Peter Hill on keys ~Swing Jazz

Alex Radeff ~songwriter, Pop Rock band leader of Donkey [which also see]

Amanda Gordon ~singer / Amanda Gordon Band ~Pop Rock / MINT ~classic Rock/Pop / winehouseandturner ~Amy Winehouse & Tina Turner tribute; Against The Wind~Bob Seger tribute

Arie Papenick ~leader/guitarist for High Court County ~outlaw Country

Axes of Evil featuring Wayne Neon & Phil Ciglen ~classic & contemporary Rock

BACA featuring Elana Harte ~acoustic power trio

BackTrack Band featuring Marty Zatzman ~Motown, R & B, Top 40, Reggae and Rock

BanjoGoBoom featuring John Glover ~original Bluegrass/old-time style rollicking Roots

Beach Party Boys featuring Fernando Curcione ~Beach Boys tribute;

Beautiful Salt featuring Elana Harte ~Folk Rock duo

Benny Rave ~drummer, singer, leader of 1867 Band [which also see]

Best of Both Worlds ~Van Halen tribute featuring singer James Alcock [which also see]

Beverly Kreller member of HOTCHA! ~original Countrified Folk duo; member of SHAKE The Bellows ~ol’ time Roots trio

Big Tobacco & The Pickers featuring Anne Werbitsky on pedal steel ~original Country

Bill Heffernan / Bill Heffernan’s Homeland Security Band ~rowdy Roots songwriter and host

Bob Bleakley ~singer & trombone player for Soul Funkshun ~Soul/Funk/R&B

Brian Gladstone ~original Psychedelic Pholk

Brian Jantzi ~original Roots & local indie covers -Brian Jantzi & The Lost Mariachis ~Roots-Rock originals & covers

Bryan Van Dusen ~soul Rap poet; album on cd baby

Carmen Toth (formerly aka Social Potion) ~original Pop/Rock & covers Pop Rock

Club Django featuring Abbey Sholzberg on bass ~Django Reinhardt based Gypsy Jazz

Cocked and Loaded ~Hard Rock/Funk featuring vocals by James Alcock [which see]

Colonel Tom & The American Pour featuring Peter Hill on keys ~Country Honkytonk

Cousin Molly (Laura Thomas which also see) ~children’s entertainer

D’Arcy Wickham ~songwriter, fingerstyle guitarist, instrumental and vocal teacher

Dan Dimock ~acoustic Pop rock covers & originals

Dan Walek / Harvest ~Pop songwriter / Pop Rock covers / jam & open mic host

Darlene Lucas ~singer with the late Glen George Miller “Pirates of The Highway”

Darlene Sacks ~handpan drummer/percussionist

Darrell McNeill ~Rock/Pop~guitarist/singer with The David Love Band; ~melodic 60s Pop Rock; Rock guitarist with Fifteen Stone ~Rock covers band

Dave Girdlestone / Soul Funkshun ~guitarist

Dave McManus Junction City All-Stars ~bassist, jam host & former member of Seadog  ~bass player for The Blues Miners; ~bass player for Full Bore Blues

David Hayes ~Classical guitarist & songwriter; proprietor & engineer at Red Door Studios

David Hines / Hearts Desire ~acoustic duo with Lynette Fairweather; The Last Forgiveness ~slightly unhinged acoustic Pop trio

David Love ~singer, guitarist, bass player: David Love Band also featuring Darrell McNeill ~melodic 60s Rock/Pop; performer with Classic Albums Live troupe / member of Yeah Yeah Yeah ~Beatles covers / 1/2 of Love & LeBlanc ~acoustic Pop duo;

David Macmichael / The Danger Bees ~original alt-Pop; half of Bee Sting Ghost duo with Chelsea Reed

David McLachlan ~Folk songwriter on

David Shilman ~guitarist/singer/songwriter

David Storey ~original Folk/Roots

Django Gypsy Jam featuring Abbey Sholzberg on bass ~Gypsy Jazz

Doc Higgins ~socially conscious Roots songwriter

Donkey featuring Alex Radeff ~Pop Rock and further

Drew Winters ~original Pop Rock REVERB NATION PAGE

Eclectic Power Company featuring Graham Clarke ~Blues-Rock covers

Ed Roth ~accordion for various genres and bands including Mediterranean Stars (eclectic European/Middle Eastern Jazz/klemzer Folk) and Whores Truly (Cajun Blues/Pop)

Elana Harte ~songwriter;  singer/guitarist with Stiletto Flats ~retro & classic Rock; host of “M Factor Redux” songwriters showcase Thursdays @ Eton House; with Stiletto Flats & guest as I Will Be King ~tribute to David Bowie; member of BACA ~acoustic power trio; member of Beautiful Salt ~Folk-Rock duo; half of Harte & Mazur acoustic duo; member of Ricochet ~80s Rock/Top 40; co-organizer for Birdseye Festival Oct 21-22 supporting bladder cancer research; host of bi-weekly M-Factor Indie Music Showcase series at Linsmore Tavern.

Elevation featuring Shawn Brady ~U2 tribute

Eli Martin ~songwriter/leader of Marinol Nation ~original alt-Rock; Facebook page

Felix & The Cats featuring Robert Pelletier ~original Roots-Rock

Fernando Curcione (The Riverdale Kid) ~original Pop Rock/New Country; singer with Beach Party Boys ~Beach Boys tribute; singer with Jersey Seasons ~4 Seasons/60s doo-wop tribute

Fifteen Stone featuring Darrell McNeill ~Rock covers band

Floydium featuring Keiko Gutierrez on bass ~tribute to Pink Floyd

Focused featuring Wayne Neon ~original Rap

Frank Russell ~freelance drummer; songwriter; member of The Petition Rock/Blues-Rock band

Full Bore Blues featuring Dave McManus on bass ~Blues band

Gary 17 ~singer-songwriter, emcee, open stage host

George Baumann ~sax player, drummer for Blues, Jazz, R&B; sax player for The Blues Miners

Glen Hornblast ~original Folk

Graham Clarke ~guitarist/singer for Eclectic Power Company Blues-Rock covers band

Harpin’ Norm Lucien ~songwriter and harp accompanist

Harvest featuring Dan Walek ~Pop Rock covers / jam & open mic host band

Hell N Back featuring James Alcock ~AC/DC tribute

Herb Dale [deceased] ~original Country

High Court County featuring Arie Papernick ~outlaw Country  ~Facebook page

Hold The Bus featuring Kevin Jeffrey on bass ~Roots-Rock/Country

HOTCHA! feauturing Beverly Kreller ~original Countrified Folk

Howard Gladstone ~original Folk

I Will Be King ~tribute to David Bowie featuring Elana Harte

Jacques Russell Trio featuring Michel Neray & Abbey Sholzberg ~eclectic Roots/Jazz/Blues [see also Facebook page]

James Alcock ~Rock singer / Rockin’ A Hard Place ~classic Rock; singer for Best of Both Worlds ~Van Halen tribute; singer for Rock Gods ~tribute to 80s metal; singer for Cocked and Loaded ~Hard Rock/Funk; singer for Hell N Back ~AC/DC tribute

James Green ~Rock guitarist/leader of The James Green Electric band

Jody H. Ferrer ~alt-Pop songwriter; band: Jody & The Friendzone

John Glover ~principal member of BanjoGoBoom ]which see]

John Wayne Swingtet featuring Abbey Sholzberg on bass ~Gypsy Jazz

Josh Gordon ~Blues-Rock guitarist, singer in Josh Gordon Band; member of Against The Wind~Bob Seger tribute; member of The Blazers [which see]

Julian Fauth ~Juno-winning Blues originals

Julian Taylor / Julian Taylor Band ~original & cover contemporary Pop Rock

Junction City All-Stars, The ~Blues/Rock

Kat House featuring Kathleen Lovett ~dynamic Rock/Top 40/R&B/Blues covers

Kathleen Lovett ~singer/leader of Kat House; guitarist for The Rhapsody Sisters 7-piece Blues/R&B/Soul band

Kayt Lucas ~songwriter, leader of Kayt and the Hard Folks ~Hard Folk originals

Keiko Gutierrez bass player for Paint ~original Brit-Pop flavoured Rock; bass player for Floydium ~tribute to Pink Floyd

Keith Danby ~guitarist for Screamin’ Evil Blues Band

Kevin Jeffrey ~bass player for Hold The Bus and The Fourthlings ~Roots-Rock/Country

Kevin Jollimore ~songwriter [see Sin City Boys]; actor

Kings [see The Kings]

Laura Hubert -power Jazz Pop with punch! [See also Facebook Page]

Laura Thomas ~Rootsy acoustic Pop covers & originals [see also Cousin Molly]

Lenka Lichtenberg & Fray ~original Worldbeat Fusion Jazz

Lenore ~Roots Pop songwriter

Little Peter and the Elegants ~50s/60s harmony Rock ‘n Roll 8-piece

Lynda Covello ~Jazz-Pop singer

Lynn Harrison ~Folk singer-songwriter

Maggie & Mr. Rogers featuring Scott Rogers ~eclectic Jazz/Folk duo / Facebook page

Marinol Nation featuring Eli Martin ~original alt-Rock; Facebook page

Mark Bronson ~drummer for Mustang Wally classic Rock band

Mark Sepic ~inventive multi-instrumentalist and mental instrument inventor

Mark Yan ~acoustic Pop songwriter & covers artist; member of Mark Yan/Barry Mulcahy acoustic Pop duo

Metro Big Band feat. Abbey Sholzberg on bass ~big band Swing/Pop Jazz

Michael Bär ~Roots-Pop songwriter

Michael Keys [deceased] ~boogie woogie Blues/Pop pianoman; member of Ronnie Russell & The Corvairs ~vintage Rock ‘n’ Pop

Michael Laderoute ~award-winning Folk songwriter

Michel Neray ~singer/songwriter with Double Espresso (reso-uke/uke-bass with jump Blues, Soul, Pop covers & originals; singer & instrumentalist with Jacques Russell Trio also featuring Abbey Sholzberg on bass [which also see]; House Concerts host; professional speaker;  host of momondays Toronto [which also see under Friends of Toronto Moon category]

Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble featuring Wayne Neon Smith ~original & cover big band Jazz, Swing, showtunes

Mustang Wally featuring Mark Bronson on drums ~classic Rock band

Neon Nostalgic featuring Shawn Brady ~80s Rock tribute

One Shot Band featuring Rory Cummings ~Roots-Rock

Paint featuring Keiko Gutierrez on bass ~original Brit-Pop flavoured Rock

PandaBand featuring Paul Smith on bass ~eclectic covers band

Partial Eclipse featuring Rob Minderman ~Country-Rock/Blues-Rock

Paul Smith ~keyboard player for 20 Thousand Days; bass player for MBG jam host band; bass player for PandaBand eclectic covers band

The Pepper Shakers featuring Hank Fox ~Rock/Top 40 covers

Pete Otis [deceased] ~songwriter, SongTown impresario & music promoter

Peter Guy ~guitarist/singer for Rockhouse

Peter Hill ~Jazz/Blues keyboardist & songwriter; keys with Laura Hubert Band ~Pop Jazz with punch; keys with Colonel Tom and the American Pour ~original Honky Tonk; keys with Alex Pangman & Her Alleycats ~Swing Jazz/Blues; Tuesdays with Lisa Particelli’s Girls Night Out singers’ jam

Phil Ciglen ~guitarist with Axes of Evil [which see] ~Rock band

Plaza Ratz feat. Kevin Huckell ~classic Rock

Q & A Duo featuring Tony Quarrington with Zoey Adams ~Roots-Jazz covers and originals

Ricochet featuring Elana Harte ~80s Rock/Top 40;

Rob Minderman ~songwriter; multi-instrumentalist; vintage Pop covers; member of Parlial Eclipse

Robbie Rox ~original punk-Pop

Robert Pelletier ~songwriter & guitarist/leader of Felix & The Cats ~original Roots-Rock

Robin Peacocke ~songwriter

Rock Gods featuring James Alcock ~tribute to 80s metal [Facebook page]

Rockhouse featuring Peter Guy ~original & cover Rock ‘n’ Roll

Rockin’ A Hard Place featuring James Alcock ~classic Rock

Roger “Pops” Zuraw ~original Adult Contemporary

Ron Davis ~original contemporary Jazz pianist/composer  (see also Facebook page)

Rory Cummings ~Country Pop songwriter & covers; Rory Cummings Band; (RCB on Facebook); The One Shot Band featuring Rory Cummings ~Folk, Rock and Roots

Scott Rogers ~1/2 of Maggie & Mr. Rogers ~Folk/Jazz duo

Screamin’ Evil Blues Band ~rockin’ Blues/Blues-Rock featuring Keith Danby

Sebastian Agnello ~original Protest songwriter; Country/Rock guitarist & songwriter

SHAKE The Bellows featuring Beverly Kreller ~ol’ time Roots trio

Shawn Brady ~Pop Rock covers & originals; Elevation ~U2 tribute; EyePod Shuffle ~party dance Rock; Shawn Brady and The Northern Sons -original Pop Rock; member of Neon Nostalgia 80s Rock tribute band

Signe Miranda ~Pop songwriter; music coach; author; Signe Miranda’s Veranda ~original Roots-Pop; proprietor of Concrete City Records; creator/host of Song Creation Workshop series

Sin City Boys featuring Kevin Jollimore ~original Tex Mex Rock/cover Pop Rock

Soul Funkshun featuring Dave Girdlestone on guitar and Bob Bleakley on vocals/trombone ~Soul/Funk

Soul Mates Band featuring Sue Martin and Dave Girldesone on guitar ~Pop Rock party covers

Steffi Postol Goodfield ~open mic host for York Region Open Mics; talent booker; singer

Steve Raiken ~original Roots

Stiletto Flats featuring Elana Harte [which see] ~retro & classic Rock

Sue Martin -singer for Soul Mates Band ~Rock/Top 40

Susie Grooves & Company ~classic Rock

Ted Rusk [Deceased] ~original Rock/Blues

The Blazers ~fiery Blues Rock featuring Josh Gordon [which also see]

The Blues Miners featuring Dave McManus on bass & George Baumann on sax ~Blues

The Chicago Project ~tribute to Chicago featuring Alan Glennie on guitar

The Great Canadian Swampstompers featuring Ted Rusk ~original Rock/Blues

The Kings ~iconic original CanRock band

The Pepper Shakers featuring Hank Fox ~Rock/Top 40 covers

The Petition featuring Frank Russell on drums Rock/Blues-Rock band

The Rhapsody Sisters featuring Kathleen Lovett on guitar ~7-piece Blues/R&B/Soul

Tommy Rocker singer & jam host with Tommy Rocker Band ~classic Rock

Tony Quarrington ~Jazz/Roots songwriter/guitar & vocal accompanist & arranger; half of Q & A Duo with Zoey Adams ~Roots-Jazz covers and originals

Wayne Neon ~Rock ‘n’ Roll; leader, Wayne Neon and the Amazing Tubular Orchestra band; member of monthly Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room monthly jam orchestra; member of Axes of Evil, Rock band; member of Focused original Rap group; member of Axes of Evil [which see] ~Rock band; member of Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble

Yeah Yeah Yeah featuring David Love ~Beatles covers