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The “Mari-froz-a” poet will warm hearts tonight at Fat’s | 191009We | Shows for Wednesday, October 09, 2021

Mary Milne for Fat Albert's feature promo 191009

\ TO CENTRAL \ Not just a talented and passionate poet, Mary Milne is also a matriarchal icon to members of the TO Roots community, particularly the very gifted group of songwriters and versifiers who regularly attend the Wednesday open mics at Fat Albert’s Coffeehouse. Mary, about whose generosity and community nurturing at Christmas-time songwriter…

No shortage of great songs at today’s “Heavenly” edition of B’Arlopalooza | 190929Su | Shows for Sunday, September 29, 2021

Michael Bär @ Winterfolk showcase organized by Pete Otis in 2016 -GARY 17

\ TO EAST \ Sadly, there will be a plethora of rich melodies and poignant lyrics among the cover songs being performed by over a dozen acts at today’s “Songs From Heaven” seventh installment of the B’Arlopalooza songwriters’ showcase series. The talented acts on stage at Black Swan Tavern (154 Danforth Ave.) from 4-8 will… 190913Fr | Shows for Friday, September 13, 2021

180303 NEW See more from the Moon

 -Gary 17, [email protected]  * [email protected]://  SHOW LISTINGS for Friday, September 13, 2021 Listings are organized by area in which the shows occur and within each area field shows are listed chronologically.  For KEY to listings codes and schemata see note at end of shows list. Names of subscribers appear in bold, are underlined and,…