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Weber Brothers invade Oakville tonight

February 15, 2022

They’re no longer the brash young brothers from Baltimore bent on musically annexing the Upper colonies but who moved to Peterborough as part of their strategy for seeking fame and fortune. Did I mention they were from Maryland?

But what The Weber Brothers are, even more so than before they emigrated here, is the heart of a kickass Rock ‘n’ Roll band that prompted Ronnie Hawkins to say that if they’d been in his band in the old days, “Elvis would’ve been my roadie.”

With TO expatriate Shai Peer on the keys and other backing players, these siblings sizzle on classic and their own ‘dirty-feet-Rock’ tunes that make you understand how The South could have won the Civil War. They’ll be delivering sonic history lessons tonight at Moonshine Café in Oakville.

Pic: Shai Peer of The Weber Brothers -Facebook