Nik Beat’s HOWL fundraiser tonight on CIUT

A versatile writer and performer —and very much a community-oriented guy— Nik Beat has been a presence on the TO music scene for as long as I can remember. Although he looks like he’d be more at home on a motorcycle with a guitar strapped behind his back than sitting with a microphone in front of him at a studio console in a tiny windowless room at a radio station, he’s the face of radio to a whole generation of artists.

Nik Beat -17

For several years now Beat has been airing his Tues. 10-11 show “HOWL” on CIUT 89.5 FM weekly, featuring poets and musicians as guests in intimate and personal conversations. The roster has included a who’s who of young and aspiring as well as many older accomplished and acclaimed artists from both worlds.

Beat himself is both a poet and, with his Tyranny Of Love band, also a kickass Rock songwriter (he just needs that motorcycle dammit!).

As part of the annual CIUT fundraising blitz he’ll be doing a Call-In Donations Blitz on tonight’s show, which he cohosts with Nancy Bullis and which tonight will feature Jazz singer and songwriter Rita Di Ghent, poet Allan Briemaster and phone interviews with Eric Alper of eOne Music and poet Valentino Assenza.

You can listen on 89.5 FM or online at and call 416-978-4600 or 416-946-7800 to donate via Master Card, VISA or Amex. Cheques/cash can be also dropped off anytime at the CIUT office at 89.5 Tower Rd. In TO.