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There’ll be something Rotten in the Kornerstones tonight

March 23, 2022

I’m quite curious about singer Al Reilly’s newest band (at least I think it’s his newest —lately he’s been starting new groups every time he sets foot in a club it seems!) Rotten Roll, in which he’s teamed up with versatile veteran guitarist and vocalist Dan Walek

Al’s been a Hard Rock guy all his life and the name suggests to me that this particular configuration might be exploring the outer edges of that realm —all the way into Punk!

But it’s hard to imagine laid-back abstainer Dan Walek being into that —or is it? He’s surprisingly open-minded about new music, so who knows? Well, you will if you check them out at their show tonight at Scarborough’s Kornerstones bar at 1601 Birchmount on the corner with Ellesmere Ave. 9:30ish start, no cover.

Pics by 17: LEFT: Al Reilly; RIGHT: Dan Walek

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