Benny, Frank & D’arcy will be Rave-ing at McGradie’s Fri.

A couple of weeks from now, drummer/singer Benny Sanders will be off on an east coast tour along with Sebastian Agnello and veteran songwriter and “Not Neil Young” performer Frank Wilks for the month of June into July. That trio, calling itself Unknown Legends, is a Neil Young tribute and has been enjoying some great success of late.

The Rave -Carol Cain

But as anyone who knows Benny is well aware, he never seems to stay still with just one project. He still has his long-running H To Oh! band and also has yet another group, The Rave, which offers up classic Rock from the Buddy Holly era through to the early 80s. That combo still has three shows before the UL trio packs up and hits the road, including one Friday May 17 at McGradie’s Pub at 2167 Victoria Park Ave. in Scarborough.

The Rave is a four-piece that also includes guitarist/singer Wilks, bassist D’arcy Cain and sax player Tony Carr. The sax helps them recreate the old time Rock sounds from tunes like “Jailhouse Rock”. I have no idea, however, just how it’s employed on some of the other numbers in their repertoire, such as their cover of The Ramones song “I Wanna Be Sedated”!

The Rave also has a show next Friday at Harp & Crown in Pickering and one the following night at Triple Crown Bar on Lawrence Ave. E. in Scarborough before packing up the gear for the Legends trip.