David Hines at Hirut Saturday night with new trio

Heart’s Desire at Hirut -17

An energetic and versatile performer, David Hines has been teamed up with vocalist partner Lynette Fairweather as the Heart’s Desire duo for several years now. [You can hear samples of how they sound on some tunes posted on their website.]

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing the two perform on several occasions at open stages I hosted at cozy and acoustically superb Hirut Ethiopian restaurant at 2042 Danforth Ave. near Woodbine.  I never get tired of their beautiful harmonies and David’s high-calibre musicianship and was delighted to have them do a feature one week, which also thrilled the audience!

Now the pair has added a third member, Monte Horton, to their roster to form a new trio, The Last Forgiveness, which makes its formal debut on Saturday, August 10 at Hirut. They’re describing their genre as “acoustic music slightly unhinged” so you can expect some interesting twists and wrinkles on songs you’ll probably already know.

There’s no cover for the 8:30 show and the cuisine here is superb and very affordable, as are drink prices.