Dora showcase will help raise profile of talents on the rise

One of the many things songwriter and open stage host Julian Taylor does to promote emerging talents from among the performers who come out to his Mon. open stage at Dora Keogh is to put on an Undiscovered Artists showcase at the club the first Sunday of each month. Often these shows are the first time ever that budding writers have had a showcase gig, though in many other instances the participating talents, like most of those at the tonight’s 7-11 show, are experienced and already have a following but could use more exposure to new audiences.

Piper Hayes kicks off at 7 with tunes from her new album, ‘Live in New York City’, of which she’ll have a few copies on hand at the show.

Kelly Bella will share her soulful but edgy and even aggressive Folk Pop that makes you both think and twitch at 8, then Ty Owens hits the stage at 9. At 10, Edo Peled appears with his new musical teammate, violinist Anne Wheeler, who adds a whole new dimension to his Power Pop emo tunes.

pics by Gary 17:  Edo & Anne [top]; Kelly Bella [bottom]