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Chris Hadfield performs “Space Oddity” from International Space Station -SCREEN CAP.

If you watch tv at all by now you’ve probably seen the public service announcement about COVID-19 isolation protocols featuring Canada’s first astronaut, Chris Hadfield.

In addition to being the first Canadian in space in 1994 and the first to walk in space in 2001 he lived aboard the International Space Station from December of 2012 to May, 2013, spending a total of 144 days there and serving as its commander for two months of that time.

The affable high flyer is also, as many know, a musician, and while on the space station he actually recorded the first music video ever made in space that is the ultimate self-isolation musical performance.

In the YouTube vid, which has been a residing feature on for some time now, he sings and plays acoustic guitar on the David Bowie classic “Space Oddity” (with a few changes to the lyrics to drop the darker elements of the song and reflect his actual situation) and at one point strums a Larivée Parlor acoustic guitar as he floats in the zero gravity.

He also, btw, while aboard the ISS recorded tracks for an album, Jewel In The Night, which was released for Christmas, 2012.

As Hadfield says in the psa, “I’ve spent a little time self-isolating,” but despite being removed from their normal lives astronauts are able to find ways to remain productive and, as his many tweets from the station and musical activities while he was aboard attest, to still have some fun too.

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