COVID musical toll growing: Hideout kaput, ElMo opening, CMW, NXNE, Toronto Jazz all postponed | 200422We | Online/On Air Shows for Wednesday, April 22, 2022

Hideout poster for virtual St Patrick’s Day show

COVID-19may have surpassed its peak of new infections rates in Ontario and Toronto, but the stay-in-place orders and laws against public assemblies and bar openings continue, and the fallout is getting intense.

Earlier this week the owners of The Hideout, a 13-year seven-shows-a-week staple of the live music scene, announced on their Instagram page that the “crushing blow” of COVID has forced them to decide to close their doors permanently.

The room, owned by brothers Dan and Jimmy Good along with their cousing Phil, had already closed once three years ago after the building it had operated in for nine years was sold, forcing a move to their latest College Street location.

“All the things we have taken for granted over the years, the general ‘social nearing’ that we were accustomed to, was directly responsible for the feeling of comfort and safety that we all enjoyed. We miss these beautiful life gestures of love as we struggle through these unusual times,” they wrote.

While the business “has been a resilient business, overcoming many difficult hurdles,” they note, “this is different.” they add.

Metaphorically “the drums are broken, the guitars smashed and the amps are burning… there can be NO encore.”

Another impact of the COVID pandemic is on what was scheduled to be the grand reopening this month of the legendary El Mocambo on Spadina Ave at College St. after six years and reportedly upwards of $30 million in renovations to turn it into upscale concert theatre type destination event room.

Two multi-venue live music festivals that normally happen in each spring and early summer have also announced that they’ll be postponing this year’s edition —assuming they can still be held at all, realistically.

The 38th Canadian Music Week, originally schedule to take place next month, has been put off till September 8-13.  And NXNE, originally planned for June 12-21, has announced it now will take place August 11-16.  The Toronto Jazz Festival, which normally happens during the first week of July, has also said it is cancelled for now but organizers hope “that we can move the festival to a later date the summer.”

Likewise the  Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival, which is usually the first Ontario festival off the mark each year in early June, while not outright cancelling this year’s 18th edition, has announced it is postponed indefinitely.

By the sounds of things, you’d be well advised to hunker down and gird your musical loins for a lot more digital music between now and Canada Day.

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