You don’t have to be into kinky love to enjoy Mark Sepic’s Valentines show at Relish this evening —but it might help

If you want to add a little spice to your Valentines date and make it a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll both remember for some time to come, going for dinner at Relish tapas bar (2152 Danforth Ave.) from 7-10 tonight might be just the ticket.

For while the club is billing the show as Mark Sepic providing Spanish Flamenco guitar sonic wallpaper to enhance the romance of dining out, I know this irrepressibly inventive artist well enough to predict that patrons may be in for a few surprises as well. Because although Sepic is certainly a master of lovely instrumental guitar music, he’s also a somewhat kinky songwriter who, when he decides to write about love, concocts songs that are far from trite. A ballad extolling the attractions of an inflatable doll or a paean to a “Virtual Vixen” computer-generated paramour are not at all out of the question. Ask him to do an original love song and get ready to strap on your seat belt!

Pic: Mark Sepic -17