Airlines’ COVID policy threatens career of award-winning Samantha Martin | 200331Tu | Online/On Air Shows for Tuesday, March 31, 2022

An artist I’ve been writing about since first hearing her perform at a jam in the Junction area nearly fifteen years ago, Samantha Martin has been riding pretty high the past few years since starting her Delta Sugar band

She’s was nominated as Blues singer of the year three times running by Maple Blues Awards and her band, in addition to a Best Album Juno nomination in 2019 and four Maple Blues noms for the band’s latest Run to Me disc, in 2017 was selected to represent Toronto at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis.

In addition, the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) honored the combo with the certification “Road Gold,” awarded when CIMA certifies they have sold over 25,000 tickets to Canadian fans over a twelve-month period.

In fact the 7 to 11-piece group, which features lush Soul harmonies and multiple horns around Martin’s Blues songwriting, that still bears a bit of a Country flavour from her days fronting Samantha Martin & The Haggard, was all set to start a European tour in a month or so —until COVID-19 hit.

As she recounts in several Facebook posts, Air Canada cancelled the group’s flight, forcing the tour to be postponed until next year.  But as if that weren’t bad enough, the airline also refuses to refund any of the thousands of dollars she’d already paid them for the transport, offering instead only travel credits “with so many strings attached to them that we will end up getting screwed from said Airline to ensure their continued economic viability.”

On March 27 she posted an open letter to the airline asking “please explain how YOU can cancel my flight Toronto to Amsterdam and NOT return my money. I don’t want your blasted credit, I want my money back.

“I paid for a service you can’t deliver - the price I paid for the ticket was not a loan to keep your business afloat.”

In a subsequent March 29 open letter to the Prime Minister she writes, “I implore you to instruct airlines like Air Canada, WestJet, Flair Airlines, Air France who have taken $5904.85 of my money for flights they can no longer provide, to refund these flights in full.”

“Travel credits won’t put food on my table, or pay my rent. These flights were for shows and tours, not vacations. I was bringing taxable income into Canada, I was hiring other self employed Canadians. These tours are now either cancelled or hanging in the balance thanks to no flights being available and world governments asking us to stay home.

“I will happily do my part by following your advice, I will sacrifice everything I have worked so hard to build and plan, for the greater good of my fellow Canadians and friends around the world. Where I draw the line is essentially loaning these aforementioned Airlines my hard earned money, when they are willfully wiping their corporate arses with the Air Passenger Protection Act, and Canadian Contract Law,” she says.

“Why are the Artists the only one asked to forgo my economic viability, and stability for the greater good?

“Why are the artists the only ones being held financially responsible for this pandemic?” she asks.

“Pandemics do not allow corporations to start making up their own rules when it suits them them to do so. The law is the law, and as a law abiding, tax paying citizen of this country I expect you to uphold those laws,” she exhorts the Prime Minister.

As if the business of being an original musical artist weren’t precarious enough, this sort of situation is about all it would take to sink most careers.  Hopefully she’ll either get satisfaction if the airline relents or government intervenes or somehow find a way to endure and bounce back from this heavy-handed blow.

-By Gary 17,
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