Jeanine Mackie perfect fit for Old Mill

Press releases have a tendency to exaggerate the excitement potential of shows in order to get people out to attend.

Jeanine Mackie -pr pic

But in the case of the promo for the gig by Jeanine Mackie Band [] tonight at Toronto’s Old Mill in south Etobicoke (21 Mill St.), the blurb hit the nail on the head:

“It is a perfect marriage: The Jeanine Mackie Band at The Old Mill,” the propaganda enthused. “The iconic Old Mill Inn has been providing entertainment to Toronto residents for a full century now (it opened in 1914). It remains a popular locale that enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of Toronto ‘s premier live music venues. The pairing of this picturesque site and the classic R & B and Soul stylings of Jeanine Mackie and her ace nine-piece band on Saturday May 11 is guaranteed to be a happy one.”

I didn’t write it but I couldn’t have said it better myself! 8 p.m. start, tickets are $15 and worth every penny.