RIP Steven Morrison, songwriter with a gift for catchy Country Pop tunes

Steven (David) Morrison in 2013 -GARY 17

It was sad to discover yesterday a couple of videos on YouTube in which a songwriter I greatly admired performed a couple of his several catchy Country-Pop tunes at open stages.  The videos are a delight but unfortunately I only learned about them from a comment on a social media post announcing that Steven Morrison (aka Steven David) had died under circumstances that appear to still be unknown.

Steven (David) Morrison @ Hirut in 2012 -GARY 17

Apparently Steven, who I believe would have been in his 50s and who was a semi-regular at several open stages across the city, including many of mine over the years, had been in Flatrock, Michigan at the time of his passing.

Joanne Clayton, owner of Relish tapas bar where he also often performed at the open stage, was asked to announce what had happened and indicated in a Facebook post that police have his car and are trying to locate his sister to claim his remains, as his parents had predeceased him and he never married.

He was known to spend a lot of time in Nashville, Tennessee pursuing his songwriting career, which included several very radio-friendly songs about love such as “True Kind of Love” and “One Good Reason.”

Fan Rudi Jock recorded and posted to YouTube the videos of Steven, backed by the house bands, performing “One Good Reason” at the Relish jam in 2013, as well as another of him doing “True Kind of Love” at the open stage at The Painted Lady in 2018 and which will now be added to our RESIDING online music listings.

I also recorded one four-song solo set he performed at my open stage at Linsmore Tavern in 2013 that includes those two tunes as well as “Fall From Grace” and “She Believes (in Love)” and which appears on our website under the Music Tracks section.

Several fellow songwriters expressed sadness at learning of his death, with many comments emphasizing that in addition to his profound talent, he was also a likeable, agreeable fellow.

If you have any information about how to reach his sister please contact Joanne at Relish by calling 416-425-4664.

-Gary 17
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