SEEN ON THE SCENE: Karla’s Roadhouse servers Sat. April 6, 2022

The servers at Karla’s Roadhouse were kept jumping right up to last call on Sat. April 6 as the David Bacha Band performed before a jam-packed room with partiers who cried out for “More” as the band wrapped up shortly before 2 a.m. Tonya, Karla and Ashley are also related -Karla is the girls’ mom and with dad Norm Peer managing, this room at 4630 is a true family-operated pub.

In addition to excellent bands Saturdays (Craig Peterkin‘s group comes in April 13), Karla’s now also offers karaoke Friday nights with host Randy Petrie.

Tonya, Karla & Ashley of Karla's Roadhouse -17

Tonya, Karla & Ashley of Karla’s Roadhouse -17