140725Fr Shows - With fellow ace talents on board, Cos could rule Monarchs tonight



With fellow ace talents on board, Cos could rule Monarchs tonight


Like his bandmates —superstar guitarist with Blues/Tex-Rock icons MOXY Earl Johnson, and quirky but dominant Rock drummer paradigm Frank Russell— Blues songwriter, guitar teacher and achingly potent six-string electric Blus performer Frank Cosentino isn’t easy to write about in a few sentences.  Or even in a few paragraphs!

I’ve known Frank since he had hair and it was actually down to close to his ass and he was a frustrated star-in-making attending the original Stormy Monday jam series that Danny Marks used to host at Albert’s Hall in the early to mid-1990s.

His original tunes may be a tad derivative (“Lonely Street”/”Heartbreak Hotel”; “1,000 Miles”/”5,000 Miles” for example) but that doesn’t lessen their appeal any and he does add his unique “Cos” factor to the existing concepts to create something that, while familiar, is also distinctive.

Earl Johnson [top left], Frank Cosentino [right] and Frank Russell bottom] -Gary 17

Earl Johnson [top left], Frank Cosentino [right] and Frank Russell bottom] -Gary 17 composite

But Frank is really better known as an edgy-soulful rockin’, wailin’-guitar Blues covers artist than for his own originals. And he’s got that down pat for sure, as do the fellow members of his new Double Shot four-piece that debuts tonight in a suitably impressive room: Monarchs Pub in the Eaton-Chelsea Hotel in downtown TO.

I’m assuming the “Double” in double-shot is an allusion to the fact that Johnson is a fellow rockin’ Blues guitar monster and I would in any case expect these two to be trading/battling sizzling solos and riffs throughout this 9-1 show on the very well-appointed stage in this hot spot within the hotel at 33 Gerrard St. West.

Or maybe the band’s moniker is a “double-Frank” reference:  Frank Cosentino on guitar and vocals and the seemingly ever-resilient Rock-lifer on the drums, Frank Russell.

(Manny D on the bass may seem irrelevant in this context but I suspect that he’s there because he’s the one person who can be the string that can control all these soaring kites of talent and ego.)

Or maybe “Double Shot” is just an acknowledgement of what you’ll be ordering around about the time the second set is halfway done —you know, moments like this don’t come around every night!

But one will be this evening. And if you like Rock-Blues guitar let loose to buzz-bomb your soul, you definitely want to consider being there as it does.

-Gary 17,


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