UPDATE: Committee formed to reopen and operate Hugh’s Room

Al Lerman at Hugh's Room sign

Hugh’s Room sign advertising show prior to closing. -FACEBOOK

The following message now appears on the website of Hugh’s Room, the club at 2261 Dundas St. West that closed abruptly last week:

“A committee has been struck and yesterday met to explore ways to restructure and make Hugh’s Room work in the future.

“The focus is squarely on several priorities:
•Re-opening the doors as soon as possible
•Developing a business plan to ensure Hugh’s Room is successful going forward and
•making sure that the three communities: Staff, Artists and Audience members – who are the backbone of Hugh’s Room’s success over the past 16 years – are fairly treated. 161110-support-the-moon

“There are plans for Hugh’s Room to move forward under proposed community-ownership structure and the will is strong to make that happen sooner than later.

“Spokesperson for this committee is Grit Laskin, Member of the Order of Canada, who has been one of Hugh’s Room’s strongest supporters through the years.

“We will continue to inform everyone as further decisions and progress are made.”