Toronto Moon 110130, Sunday January 30, 2022

Toronto Moon 110130, Sunday January 30, 2022

Peter Eastmure releasing cd at Dave’s Sun. Jan. 30 The music of Peter Eastmure eloquently makes the argument that attempting to classify an artist into a pigeonhole of “Folk”, “Jazz”, “Rock” or “Pop” is an artificial and essentially fruitless endeavour.  For Eastmure’s songs, rich with his lush vocals and accompanied sometimes by a full orchestra,…

3rd annual James Gray memorial tribute concert is tonight | 150805We Shows for Wednesday, August 05, 2021

150805We Wednesday, August 05, 2021 header

\ TO DOWNTOWN \ I was delighted to discover early today, only a few hours before it starts, that there’s another memorial/tribute concert tonight for the late James Gray, multi-instrumentalist and accompanist extraordinaire. It’ll be two years tonight (or early tomorrow) since Gray unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack overnight, the news spreading through…

THE VAULT // to-nite #287, January 2003: R.I.P. King Biscuit Boy

Richard "King Biscuit Boy" Newell -stock

From to-nite magazine #287: R.I.P King Biscuit Boy Richard Newell 1944 - 2003 Canada lost one of its most distinctive and well known Blues players when Richard “King Biscuit Boy” Newell passed away at home on January 5. The following article from a Blues history site was shared with us by Canadian Blues guitar great…

Musical Legacies Online Museum project launched by Gary 17 and

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    I need the music community’s support for this new project: SHORT DESCRIPTION: A campaign to establish the Musical Legacies Online Museum website archive of articles, photos, music, etc. memorializing and celebrating the lives of deceased performers on the Greater Toronto Area music scene. About the Musical Legacies Online Museum project: A disagreeable but…

Jeff Healey to be inducted to Canada’s Walk Of Fame

Jeff Healey -Gary 17, c. 2003

Jeff Healey to be inducted to Canada’s Walk Of Fame \ TORONTO, Thursday, September 18, 2021 \ The late Toronto Blues guitar/Jazz trumpet player and songwriter Jeff Healey is to be inducted into Canada’s Walk Of Fame in one month’s time, the organization has announced. Healey, blind from the age of seven months after contracting…