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Little Peter and the Elegants on stage at a previous outdoor event with showy shirts


Ah, the fiftieth anniversary of the famed Woodstock Festival is here!  Which means a lot of boomers who were coming of age in the 50s and 60s are going to be Ronald Reaganizing this weekend —as in reliving memories that they never actually had!

Last weekend I mentioned a pair of local artists, musician Brian Gladstone and poet Linda Goldman, who actually did attend the famed 1969 love-in weekend Aug. 15-18, and who performed as part of a Rootsy Woodstock tribute show by writers and composers on Sunday afternoon.

This weekend will see a lot more shows paying homage to the Swinging Sixties, as I still think of them, when for a while it really did seem like “All You Need Is Love” as manifest in its ultimate apex moment that weekend. (Just a month before the authors of the enduring anthem that begat the slogan proved it wasn’t so as they began the bitter process of breaking up.)

Little Peter and the Elegants always sport a unified ‘look’ at shows

Like me, many others, though they may not have attended the festival, were profoundly influenced by both the newly liberating, cheeky and challenging mores of the time and by the music that resonated their values in daily life and throughout the nascent mass media.

One such fellow boomer is singer Peter Toller, the Peter in eight-piece 50s/60s Rock ‘n’ Roll band Little Peter and the Elegants, which tomorrow afternoon, Sat. Aug.  17. will be staging a unique tribute to Woodstock at an outdoor show on the border between east TO and Scarborough.

The group will be performing the exact set performed by the iconic Sha Na Na band on the wrap-up morning of the festival August 18, 1969.  The 11-piece seminal horn Rock/Soul group, which was one of Peter’s faves growing up. only ended up performing on the Monday of the weekend after Jimi Hendrix insisted they do an opening set for him. Their career took off from there, eventually including a weekly TV show and tours that included Toronto appearances where Peter saw them.

“ShaNaNa was a favourite band of mine while in high school. I remember seeing them at Ontario Place, then the CNE Grandstand, also at the O’keefe Centre,” Toller tells me.

The set list for Sat August 17 and background about Sna Na Na and Little Peter and the Elegants from pamphlet the band has prepared to hand out at the show.

“I then regularly watched their TV show in the late 70s, early 80s. Sha Na Na would always move from song to song with very little talk in between songs. I model my band the same way. We like to entertain rather than educate a crowd!”

Certainly the Elegants, after more than 45 years since debuting in late 1973 at Peter’s high school Christmas assembly, has honed that to a fine art.  Like Sha Na Na the group focuses on resurrecting vocally rich do-wop songs from the 50s and 60s and always sports a distinctive and unified look, whether that be ties and black shirts or tie-dyed style original band garb.

“My band has 3 singers in front of 5 guys on instruments (4 of whom sing) so we have always been drawn to vocal groups such as The Platters, The Skyliners, The Duprees and Dion and the Belmonts. Not many bands today have 4-5 vocalists on one song!” Toller notes.

He appears to be a stickler for the finer points of putting on a real show and for tomorrow’s event that included ensuring he knew exactly what the original Woodstock set list was that Sha Na Na actually did, since internet searches came up with contradictory results.  To nail it down it he actually contacted two original members of the group, he told me, and “Joe Witkin, the Sha Na Na piano player and Henry Gross, the lead guitar player, both at Woodstock, confirmed the accuracy of the set list,” he said.

In addition to Peter the group members include Jim Wood on guitar, Chris Robinson on sax, main singers Andreas Hackner and Brandon Rozen, Richard Uglow on keys and Doug Stone on bass.  They’ll be joined by drummer Mat Langford on Saturday, sitting in for regular skins beater James Racz.

With three singers up front backed by strings, horn, keys and percussion (plus four of the five instrument players also having backup vocal chops) produces layered harmonies and solidly upbeat musicianship that has made the Elegants a favourite at Legion halls, oldies dances, fundraisers and festivals across the province.  They still also do a few club gigs, such as occasional Sunday appearances at The Duke Live.

Tomorrow’s 1:00-2:15 outdoor set is part of the free 11am-9pm Wheels on Danforth street festival and car show that sees the area around Danforth Ave. and Danforth Rd. in Scarborough closed to traffic to celebrate and display vintage and famous cars along with bikes and other vehicles.  There are three music stages plus roaming buskers and of course plenty of vendors and family activities, including a Kids Zone.

If you make it out you’ll hear the group do all 11 songs Sha Na Na performed in their 7:30 a.m. set to open for Hendrix, including such classics as “Teen Angel,” “Silhouettes”, “Wipe-Out” “A Teenager In Love”, “At The Hop” and “Duke of Earl”.

Just like the ‘60s, it’s a free festival! —and nowadays you probably won’t even be hassled by “The Man” if you decide to get high while you’re there!

-By Gary 17, [email protected]  * [email protected]
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SHOW LISTINGS for Friday, August 16, 2021

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*11am-1pm> The Rock-A-Round with Slim Tim @ ~ Rockabilly tracks (from UK, repeats Sundays 3-5am & Wednesdays 6-8am)

Noon-6> Steel City Music with Gunner Smith @ The HAWK FM 101.5fm ~Blues, etc.

1-2pm> “Groove Radio” with host Bill King & guests @ CIUT 89.5FM & streamed online

3-7> Julian Taylor hosts @ 106.5 ELMNT FM in Toronto & ~eclectic music 25% indigenous, 35% CanCon

9-midnight> “Gumbo Kitchen” with Ron Littlejohn @ JAZZ.FM91 & online ~Blues/R&B/Funk tracks and artists


416 – TORONTO CENTRAL  –Broadview/Bayview to Ossington

11:30-2:30> River North @ Village of Yorkville Park, Bellair/Cumberland Streets ~smooth Pop/Jazz/Rock

*3-7> acoustic jam with John Hutt @ Lola, 40 Kensington Ave.

*4-6> Hogtown Syncopators @ The Rex, 194 Queen St. W. ~Jazz; $

*5-7> Annette’s Tea Time Jam @ Tranzac Club (Southern Cross), 292 Brunswick Ave. ~Folk

5> The High Rollers Unplugged @ Keating Channel Pub, 2 Villiers St., TO Central ~acoustic Rock ‘n’ Roll/Pop

5> Brian Neale @ Roundhouse Rec Room, 255 Bremner Blvd.

6> Tres Kilos @ Drom Taberna, 458 Queen St. W.  ~Latin

6-8> Bruce Cassidy Trio @ 120 Diner, 120 Church St. ~Jazz; $10-20/pwyc

6> Among Legends; Southbound; The Moore Ave Underground; Like Satellites @ Sneaky Dee’s, 431 College St. ~indie; $12

6:30> Worst Pop Band ever @ The Rex, 194 Queen St. W. ~Jazz; $

*6:30-9:30> Serge Nikol @ Casa Fuego, 230 Adelaide St. W. ~Jazz

7> Kriegshog; Skizophrenia; more @ Velvet Underground, 508 Queen St. W. ~Punk/Thrash; $

7> Miyavci @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 190 Princes’ Blvd. ~contemporary original; $

7> Tijuana Tax (recording release for album); Laveda; Laurie @ Hard Luck Bar, 772 Dundas St. W. ~indie; $10

7:30> Terry Jones and David Woodhead @ Tranzac Club (Southern Cross), 292 Brunswick Ave.

7> Gaelic Society of Toronto hostgs ceilidh @ Tranzac Club (Tiki Room), 292 Brunswick St. ~ol’ time/traditional Roots/Celtic

8-11> Korea Town Acid; Myst Milano; more @ Yonge-Dundas Square, 1 Dundas St. E. ~indie; $0

8> New Swears; Teen Archer; Man Crush @ Monarch Tavern, 12 Clinton St. ~indie; $

8> Girls Just Wanna @ Fox & Fiddle York Mills, 44 Upjohn Road ~acoustic Pop covers & originals

8:30> Milhouse; StBTtLCO; Big Scary Indian; Aniomatist @ The Cavern Bar, 76 Church St. ~eclectic indie; $5

*8:30-12:30> All Star Band feat. Joe Bowden & Brooke Blackburn @ N’awlin’s, 299 King St. W. ~Blues

8:30> Truckfighters; Sierra; Familiars @ Lee’s Palace, 529 Bloor St. W. ~contemporary original; $

9> “Punk Cover Night” with Stugots (Fugazi), The Nasties (Black Flag), Senior Threat (Minor Threat), Merican Hardcore (Bad Brains) and Grey Bush @ Bovine Sex Club, 542 Queen St. W. ~Punk/Thrash; $

9> Mark T Band Woodstock at 50 celebration @ Drums N Flats, 1980 Avenue Rd. ~tribute to Grateful Dead; $10

9> SJ @ Shangri-La Hotel, 188 University Ave. ~smooth Rock/Pop

9> Must Stash Hat; Cherry Garcia Band; Drupe @ Cameron House (rear), 408 Queen St. W. ~indie; $

9> The Dead Souls; Mr. Pharmacst; The Queen Is Dead @ Horseshoe Tavern, 370 Queen St. W. ~indie; $

9-11:30> Brian Dickinson Trio @ Jazz Bistro, 251 Victoria St. ~Jazz tribute to Bill Evans; $

9> Quique Escamilla @ Drom Taberna, 458 Queen St. W.  ~songwriter

9:30> The Devil’s Drink @ McVeigh’s Irish Pub, 124 Church St. ~Roots-Rock

9:30> Red Velvet@ Alleycatz, 2409 Yonge St. ~Funk/Soul/R&B; $

9:45> Michael Occhipinti’s Triodes @ The Rex, 194 Queen St. W. ~Jazz; $

9:45> Dee Dee & The Dirty Martinis @ Reservoir Lounge, 52 Wellington St. E. ~60s R&B 7-piece; $

10> Mixed Nuts @ Rose & Crown, 2335 Yonge St. ~Rock/Top 40 covers

10> Robin Benedict @ Hemingway’s, 142 Cumberland St. ~acoustic Pop covers & originals

10> Dave Murphy Band @ Orbit Room, 480 College St.  ~Rock/Funk/R&B; $

10> Mauvetones @ Cameron House (front), 408 Queen Street W.

10> Chicken N Waffles @ Nightowl, 647 College St. ~contemporary Rock

10> Moon Tan; Zaftig; Live Animals; ShoorR @ Cherry Cola’s, 200 Bathurst St. ~eclectic indie; $

10> Tdub Rockers @ Tranzac Club (Southern Cross), 292 Brunswick Ave. ~Reggae

10-2> Scully & The Crossbones @ The Hideout, 423 College St. ~contemporary Rock

10> Marc Joseph Band @ Bier Markt Esplanade, 58 The Esplanade ~Rock/Top 40 covers

10> The Rattles @ Grossman’s, 379 Spadina Ave. ~tribute to Beatles; $0

11> Hayden Mellon and The Mellonheads @ Amsterdam Bicycle Club, 54 The Esplanade


416 - TORONTO EAST –Broadview/Bayview to Victoria Park

5-7> David Macmichael @ The Cut/Big Bruce, 1963 Queen St. E. ~acoustic Pop covers & originals; $?

5-7>Fraser & Daley @ Castro’s, 2116 Queen St. E.  ~eclectic Blues/Roots; $

*6-9> open format jam with Profe$$or P @ The Hypher, 1100 O’Connor Drive; pwyc

7-9> Harley Card Trio with Alison Au on sax @ Relish, 511 Danforth Ave. ~Jazz; 0$

7> Wolf Parade; Bad Waitress @ The Danforth Music Hall, 147 Danforth Ave. ~contemporary original; $

8-11> Chris Chambers Trip @ The Cut/Big Bruce, 1963 Queen St. E. ~acoustic Pop covers & originals; $10

8> Paul Cafcae @ The Dock on Queen, 932 Queen St. E.

9:30> Wayne Neon and the Amazing Tubular Orchestra™  @ Black Swan Tavern, 154 Danforth Ave.~Rock ‘n’ Roll/Pop/R&B

9:30> King West @ Relish, 511 Danforth Ave. ~alt Pop originals and covers; 0$

9:30> The Skadoos  @ Linsmore Tavern, 1298 Danforth Ave. ~Ska/Punk/Indie; $


7-9> The Stop and guests @ Mimico Square, 2445 Lake Shore Blvd. W. ~smooth Pop/Jazz/Rock; $0

7:30> David Occhipinto @ Old Mill Inn (Home Smith Bar), 21 Old Mill Rd. ~Jazz; min table charge

8> Liliac; Down The Void; more @ The Rockpile, 5555 Dundas St. W. ~contemporary original; $

8:30-11> Paul Morgan @ Fionn MacCool’s Islington/Quality Hotel, 2180 Islington Ave. ~smooth Rock/Pop

9> Josh Gordon Band also featuring Amanda Gordon @ Dakota’s Sports Bar, 2814 Lake Shore Blvd. W. ~Rock ‘n’ Roll/Blues-Rock covers & originals; $0

9> Duke Street Kings @ Timothy’s Pub, 344 Brown’s Line; $10

10-2> Straight Shooter @ Southside Johnny’s, 3653 Lake Shore Blvd. W. ~classic/contemporary Rock; 0$



9:30> Greg Wyard @ Stone Cottage Pub, 3750 Kingston Rd. ~acoustic Pop covers & originals

9:30> Sunday Soul @ Bistro Manila, 4455 Sheppard Ave. E. ~Funk/R&B/Soul

*10> Rock jam with All or Nothing @ The Newfoundlander, 472 Danforth Rd.


416 - TORONTO WEST –Ossington to Etobicoke

5-9> Club Django featuring Abbey Sholzberg on bass @ The Wine Garden - Canadian National Exhibition Grounds, Lake Shore Blvd. West ~Jazz

5-7> Doc Maclean @ The Local, 396 Roncesvalles Ave. ~original Blues; $0

6:30-8:30> Junior Dias @ Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W. ~Jazz/Worldbeat; 0$

7> Steele Smith Quartet @ Emmet Ray Bar, 924 College St. ~Jazz; pwyc

7> Spenny; Tonyt Gray @ The Baby G, 1608 Dundas St. W. ~contemporary Rock

*7-10> Les Petits Nouveaux @ La Rev, 2848 Dundas St. W. ~nu-Jazz trio

7:30> Burton Cummings; Spencer Burton opens @ CNE Bandshell - Canadian National Exhibition Grounds, Lake Shore Blvd.,

8> Kat Wright @ Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen St. W. ~contemporary original; $

8> The Leanover; Blonde Elvis; Johnny de Courcy; The Kommenden @ The Garrison, 1197 Dundas St. W. ~eclectic indie; $

8> Danny Webster and the Fare Evader Alligator (recording release for album); Sarah Webber; Rachel Bobbitt; Justice Der @ Junction City Music Hall, 2907 Dundas St. W. ~eclectic indie; $10

8:30> Red Zeppelin featuring Joan Smith @ Hugh’s Room Live, 2261 Dundas St. W. ~tribute to Led Zeppelin; $30

8:30> Big Lou’s Confession @ Axis, 3048 Dundas St. W.

9> Nicemark; Evan Porter; Alex St. Kitts @ Burdock, 1184 Bloor St. W.  ~original Rock/Pop; $

9> Riefer Madness; ASOP; Renunicio; The Slime @ See-Scape, 347 Keele St. ~Punk/Thrash; $

9> Joshua Gladstone @ Dave’s On St. Clair, 730 St. Clair Ave. W. ~acoustic Pop covers & originals

9> Don Campbell @ GYM Pub, 782 St. Clair Ave. W. ~acoustic Pop covers & originals

9> The Kensington Hillbillies  @ The Local, 396 Roncesvalles Ave. ~acoustic tribute to The Clash

9> The Roughnotes @ Duffy’s Tavern, 1238 Bloor St. West ~indie; $

9:30> Blues & Troubles @ Emmet Ray Bar, 924 College St. ~Blues-Rock

10-2> Nicky Lawrence @ Dakota Tavern, 249 Ossington Ave. ~tribute to Aretha Franklin; $

10> Jennifer Loveless; Kore Town Acid; Venusinfoil @ Bambi’s, 1265 Dundas St. W. ~eclectic indie; $10

10> The St. Royals @ 3030 Dundas, 3030 Dundas St. W. ~Funk/R&B/Soul; $0

10:30> Marta Elena & Salsa Star @ Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W. ~Latin/Salsa; $15


519 EAST –Guelph, K-W & vicinity

*3-6> Brendan O’Halloran @ Sip Club, 91 Wyndham St. N., Guelph  ~acoustic Pop covers & originals

3-11> Riverfest Elora with Skye Wallace; Broadway Dave; Sarah Smith; many more @ Bissell Park, 127 East Mill St., Elora ~songwriters; $

3-1am> Summerfolk Festival with various acts on multiple stages including Ariana Gillis; Kathleen Edwards; Benjamin Dakota Rogers; Union Duke; The Paperboys; more @ Kelso Beach Park, 2nd Avenue West, Owen Sound ~songwriters; $

6-11> Mike Todd @ Sip Club, 91 Wyndham St. N., Guelph ~acoustic Pop covers & originals

6> Whitehorse; Samantha Martin for Paris Drinks Fest @ Lions Park, 96 Laurel St., Paris ~contemporary Rock

7> Natalie Reis @ Fionn MacCool’s Guelph, 494 Edinburgh Rd. S., Guelph ~Pop

7:30> Cocktails and Classics for Belfountain Music Festival Alton Mill Arts Centre, 1402 Queen St. W., Alton ~Classical; $

8> Avery Raquel Trio @ Manhattan’s Guelph, 951 Gordon St., Guelph ~songwriter

8> Jojo Worthington; Samson Wrote; Renekah Hawker; Miss Bauman @ Silence, 46 Essex St., Guelph ~songwriters; $15

8> Cameron & Cameron @ Tanners Pub, 40 Eastern Ave., Acton  ~acoustic Pop covers & originals

9> Melissa And The Boss Men @ Chainsaw, 28 King St. N., Waterloo ~Rock ‘n’ Roll/Pop

9> Jackets @ Rhapsody Barrel Bar, 179 King St. W., Kitchener

9> Ice @ Black Wolf Smokehouse, 139 Broadway Ave., Orangeville

9:30> Brad James Band @ Stampede Ranch, 226 Woodlawn Rd. W., Guelph ~Country

9:30> You Rock @ Tavern On Grange, 259 Grange Rd., Guelph ~live karaoke band

9:30> Dan Walsh @ Shakespeare Arms, 35 Harvard Rd., Guelph

10> The Testicles @ Royal Electric Bar, 452 Macdondell St., Guelph ~Rock ‘n’ Roll/Pop

10> Kent Macmillian; Max Bent Band @ Sip Club, 91 Wyndham St. N., Guelph ~Blues-Rock

10> The Hot Carls @ Doogie’s Guelph, 37 Wyndham St. N., Guelph ~Rock ‘n’ Roll/Pop; $0

10> New Design @ Jimmy Jazz, 52 Macdonell St., Guelph ~indie; $0



5> Fractal @ Black Horse Pub, 452 George St. N., Peterborough

5> Lawrence Cotton @ The Church-key Pub, 26 Bridge St., Campbellford

5-9> Tammy J Wilde with Jimmy Deck @ Chemong Lodge, 764 Hunter St., Bridgenorth-Selwyn ~smooth Rock/Pop

6-9> Cameron Fraser @ Publican House Brewery, 300 Charlotte St., Peterborough

6-9> open mic with Gerald Van Halteran @ Boiling Over’s Coffee Vault, 148 Kent St. W., Lindsay

7> Low Insight Tapes Vol. 1 Release Party ft. Reign Boi, Michael Morse, Rob Hailman, Jeff Curtis, Parker Nicholls  @ Dreams of Beans, 138 Hunter St. W., Peterborough ~eclectic indie; $5/pwyc

7-10> Joel Parkes; Doug Mackenzie @ The Twisted Wheel, 379 Water St., Peterborough

7-10> Roxy & Phil @ Capers Tap House, 28 Bridge St. W., Campbellford

7-9> Pint of Blarney @ Kawartha Coffee Co., 58 Bolton St., Bobcaygeon

8> Peterborough Folk Festival kickoff with Donovan Woods @ Market Hall, 336 George St. N., Peterborough ~original Roots; $40

8> open mic with Bill Marks @ Sapphire Room, 137 Hunter St., Peterborough

8> Lawrence Cotton @ The Church-key Pub, 26 Bridge St., Campbellford

8> 3/4 House Brand @ McGillicafey’s Pub, 13 Bridge St. N., Hastings

8-11:45> Last Minute Boys featuring Stan Mazda @ Harbour Street Fish Bar, 10 Keith Ave., Collingwood ~Blues/R&B

8:30> The MessAround @ Black Horse Pub, 452 George St. N., Peterborough ~contemporary Rock

8:30> Hitcher @ Castle John’s Pub, 1550 Lansdowne St. W., Peterborough

8:30> Jesse Byers @ The Cow & Sow, 38 Colborne St., Fenelon Falls

9-12> Anthropophagy, Lycanthro, Titan Arum, After Sin @ Southside Pizza, 29 Lansdowne St. W., Peterborough ~Metal/Punk/Hard-core; $10

10> Monkey Wrench @ British Arms Pub, 29 Dunlop St. E., Barrie ~tribute to Foo Fighters/80s Rock

10> Cameron Von @ The Social, 295 George St. N., Peterborough

10> Brian Haddlesey @ McThirsty’s Pint, 166 Charlotte St., Peterborough


905 EAST–Pickering to Cobourg

2-4:30> Million Dollar Quartet @ Capitol Theatre Port Hope, 20 Queen St., Port Hope ~tribute to Rockabilly legends Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis,  Carl Perkins & Elvis Presley; $

*6-10> Will Surphlis @ Sir Monty’s Brewing, 1540 Durham Regional Highway 2, Clarington ~acoustic Pop covers & originals

*6-9> Dino Stakos @ Colonel Mustard’s Port Perry, 15 Water St., Port Perry ~acoustic Pop covers & originals

7> Matt Silver @ Cork & Bean, 8 Simcoe St. N., Oshawa ~acoustic Pop covers & originals

8-11> Courtney Bowles @ Arthur’s Pub, 930 Burnham St., Cobourg ~Rock ‘n’ Roll/Pop

9> Wicked Truth @ Drums N Flats Ajax, 60 Randall Drive, Ajax ~classic Rock; $5

9-1> Spitfire Kings @ The Pearson Pub, 101 Mary St. W., Whitby ~Rock ‘n’ Roll/Pop

9:30> Two For The Show @ The Edge Lounge, 250 Bayly St. W., Ajax ~Rock ‘n’ Roll/Pop; $

10> Deuce @ Tartan Tavern, 555 Rossland Rd. E., Oshawa  ~Rock/Top 40 covers


905 NORTH-EAST –east of Hwy #400

*4> Augy G @ The Tickled Toad, 330 Steeles Ave. W., Thornhill ~acoustic Pop covers & originals

*5-8> open mic with host Steffi Postol Goodfield @ Cosmo Music, 10 Via Renzo Dr., Richmond Hill

6-9> Azalyne; more for Music On Main Street @ 3 stages on Main street in downtown Markham ~smooth Pop/Jazz/Rock; $0

6-9> Ariyena Sorani; Scott Ross; Rachel Cousins; Bailey Jordan-Neil @ Love Gelato, 75 Main St., Markham ~acoustic Pop covers & originals; $0

7:30> Alison Young; LowDown Brass Band for Markham Jazz Festival @ Pfaff BMW Markham, Main St., Markham ~Jazz; $?

8-11> Mike Field @ Market Brewing Company, 1775 Leslie St., Newmarket

9-1> jam night open stage with hosts Steffi Postol Goodfield & Matt Groopie @ Falcon & Firkin, 10300 Yonge St., Richmond Hill


905 NORTH-WEST –west of Hwy #400

Georgetown Fair Grounds, 1 Park St. Georgetown

*7-10> Alessandro & Roberta Battaglia @ Mount Vesuvio Ristorante, 81 George St. S., Brampton ~smooth Pop/Jazz/Rock; $0

9:30> Stephen’s Garage @ Jake’s Boathouse Brampton, 59 First Gulf Rd., Brampton ~Rock/Top 40 covers

10> Barslap @ Oscar’s Roadhouse, 1785 Queen St. E., Brampton ~Rock/Top 40 covers


905 SOUTH –Hamilton & vicinity

Noon-1> Shari & Jonny @ Gore Park, King St. E. at John St. S., Hamilton ~smooth Pop/Jazz/Rock; $0

Noon-1> Alfie Smith @ Jackson Square, Hamilton, 2 King St. W. ~smooth Blues; $0

4-10> various acts no one thinks worth identifying @ Westdale Village, 1038 King St. W., Hamilton

6:30-8:30> Christopher Clause; Yesterday @ Westdale Theatre, 1014 King St. W., Hamilton ~acoustic Pop covers & originals

6-10> Dundas Cactus Festival with Rocket & The Renegades, Robin Magder Pierce, Rick Prinsthal, Trevor Rogers; George Kaloxilos; Steven Page; more @ Main Patio Stage, downtown Dundas; $0

*6:30-10> Henry Strong Duo @ Cavallo Nero, 370 Wilson St. E., Ancaster ~Jazz

6:30> East Coast Kitchen Party @ Corktown Pub, 175 Young St., Hamilton

8> Sarah Beatty; Dana Sipos @ Artword Art Bar, 15 Colbourne St., Hamilton ~songwriters; $

8> Derk Palango @ Vicar’s Vice, 2251 Rymal Rd. E., Hamilton/Stoney Creek ~contemporary Rock

9> Hachey the MouthPEACE; 20 Year Old BeatBox; more @ This Ain’t Hollywood, 345 James St. N., Hamilton ~contemporary original; $

9> Fighting Andy @ Pub Fiction, 1242 Garner Rd. W., Ancaster ~Rock/Top 40

9> Love Razer; Moonlight Desires; more @ The Casbah Lounge, 306 King St. W., Hamilton ~contemporary original; $

9:30> Aron Cross; Method 2 Madness; Max The Axe @ Corktown Pub, 175 Young St., Hamilton ~Metal/Punk/Hard-core; $10

9:30> The Dunlop Brothers @ Cat N Fiddle Hamilton, 174 John St., S., Hamilton ~Roots-Rock

10> Greystone @ Augusta House, 17 Augusta St., Hamilton ~Funk/R&B/Soul

10> Bliss @ Old Powerhouse, 21 Jones St., Hamilton/Stoney Creek ~Rock/Top 40 covers

10> The Barrel Rejects; Further The Lion; more @ Club Absinthe, 116 George St., Hamilton ~Metal/Punk/Hard-core; $


905 WEST–south Peel, Halton

5>  Adam Ostrosser @ Carrigan Arms, 2025 Upper Middle Road, Burlington ~acoustic Pop covers & originals

*6-9> Tomi Swick & Joel Guenther @ Black Bull Mountainside, 2475 Mountainside Drive, Burlington  ~acoustic Pop covers & originals

7> Sara Mills @ Max Resto Lounge, 2180 Itabashi Way, Burlington ~smooth Rock/Pop

7> Headin’ Home @ RCL (Royal Canadian Legion) #551 Waterdown, 79 Hamilton St. N., Waterdown

9> Starlite Band @ Caven’s Alley, 585 Lakeshore Rd. E., Mississauga ~Rock/Top 40 covers; $5

9> Marc Zara & Friends birthday bash @ Moonshine Café, 137 Kerr St., Oakville; $10

9> Daryl Gray @ Lionheart Pub, 3221 Derry Rd. W., Mississauga

9> The Tone Dogs @ American House, 324 Dundas St. E., Waterdown ~Rock ‘n’ Roll/Pop

9-12> Ric Jacobs @ Gator Ted’s, 1505 Guelph Line, Burlington ~Rock/Top 40 covers

9:30> Kenny V @ Shore Grill, 71 Lakeshore Rd. E., Port Credit-Mississauga ~Rock/Top 40 covers

9:30> Mike Billik @ The Franklin House, 263 Queen St. S., Streetsville-Mississauga ~Rock/Top 40 covers

9:30> Molly’s Chamber @ Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub, 158 Queen St. S., Streetsville-Mississauga ~Rock/Top 40 covers

9:30> The Doubts @ Failte, 201 City Centre Dr., Mississauga ~Rock/Top 40 covers; $0

9:30> Hell Bent Rockers @ Black Swan Pub Burlington, 4040 Palladium Way, Burlington ~Rock/Top 40 covers

10> Bluze Cruze @ The Dickens, 423 Elizabeth St., Burlington ~Blues-Rock



Listings preceded by an asterisk (*) are repeating weekly events. (Double asterisk indicates repeating event with different hosts/guest/etc.). Events preceded by question mark (?) usually take place but have not been confirmed. Admission prices followed by a slash and minus (/-) after the amount indicates door charge with availability of cheaper rates for some purchasers (eg.: seniors, studens, members). /+ indicates stated price is minimum.

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