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‘Where My Heart Will Go’ David McLachlan video screen capture

It doesn’t get much more Country than this.

The new album Heartache Motel, with a title straight out of a dead-end saloon, was recorded in Nashville, features fiddles and a mandolin, includes a sentimental jig about chasing love across the world, incorporates pictures of lighthouses for today’s video release, and, of course, emanates from the heart and talents of David McLachlan.

Several numbers on the twelve-track collection being dropped today (such as “Speak Easy,” “Night Train” and “Eat Here Get Gas”) along with the album’s pedigree and recording milieu all suggest that McLachlan has gone the rest of the way on his musical journey from Folk-Roots to full-on tears-in-your-cheap-beer Country, on this eighth album in his catalogue.

David McLachlan ‘Heartache Motel’ album cover art

But because it’s McLachlan, this is not just any ol’ Country pickin’ and howlin’ by the roadside, however, since he’s nothing if not adventurous musically.  In addition to the little strings and, of course, his own acoustic guitar, he’s also included the cello of Jonathan Yudkin that helps bring out the tones the moodier title track and Jim Hoke on sax on “Let It Flow’ a little jazzy number that wraps the album.

In addition to those artists and various A-list Nashville studio session players, he’s also incorporated the talents of singers Lisa Brokop, Adam Cunningham and Julian Taylor on background vocals along with Tammy King of the Steeldrivers on mandolin and fiddle, creating create a diverse range of tunes that all either touch the heart or move the feet —or both, as does the official video for the “Where My Heart Will Go” tune now posted on YouTube.

In addition to watching the lyrics overlain video produced by Glen Hornblast, you can also sample snippets from each tune from the release by visiting the album’s web page on cdbaby’s site, where his seven previous discs are also featured.

Although his website hasn’t yet set up the purchase option for the disc, you can also just buy it directly from him via PayPal, which he says he prefers anyways since “one cd purchase from me = 100,000 streams” in income.

Although his website hasn’t yet set up the purchase option for the disc, you can also just buy it directly from him via PayPal for just $15, which he says he prefers anyways since “one cd purchase from me = 100,000 streams” in income.   And if you want a signed copy, email him at  [email protected].

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7-8> Bernie Senensky performs for Niagara Jazz Festival streaming live on Facebook ~Blues/R&B

7-9 weekly> “Stay at Home Concert Series” with Adam & Annette Band live from Mulligan’s Pub in Mississauga with band inside, patio open for guests and streaming live on Facebook ~Blues/R&B/Rock

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7-11> Kerwin Du Bois; Miguel Maestre performs live from CityView Drive-In, streaming live on website ~contemporary original

7:30 weekly> Chris Staig performs covers & originals on Facebook ~songwriter

7:30-8:30> Cootes Paradise hosts video watch party for new album release of Cootes Paradise, streaming live on Facebook ~original Rootsy Blues

8> Dundas Cactus Festival online listening party with Matty Simpson *  Justijne Fischer; Alfie Smith & Nicole Christian; Rocket & The Renegades; The New Rebel Westerners; Russ Wilson; Reg & Patti of Crackers; The Lowdown Dirty Mojos; Share The Land; Dave Rave & The Second Responders; Spoons streaming live on YouTube and on Facebook ~eclectic

8> The Front Bottoms perform live, streaming on website ~contemporary original

8> Norman Brown streaming cd release party for Heart To Heart album on website ~contemporary original

8 weekly> Ken Wallis Blues Source show with tracks and interviews @

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