Phil & John duo is up to the big stage at The Brawley today

You wouldn’t normally think that an acoustic duo would fare very well appearing on a big stage in a big room. But The Phil & John Show, featuring singer Phil Naro (of Progressive Rock band Druckfarben and various Foreigner tribute acts, among other groups) is no ordinary duo.

Phil & John -17

I wouldn’t be surprised if Naro and partner John Rogers bring in a drummer and bass player to supplement their show today (they do have an act known as Phil & John Plugged In, after all) but whether they do so or just appear as a duo, this pair of superbly gifted performers is more than up to the task of entertaining the usual large crowd to gather at The Brawley on a Sunday 5-8. We’ll find out this afternoon when they’re the featured attraction.

Since opening in the former Hollywood On The Queensway location at 1184 The Queensway in Etobicoke (just east of Kipling) a couple of months ago, the club has featured Sunday acts that have included big band outfits such as Robbie Lane & The Disciples and Little Caesar and The Consuls. The groups enthralled a crowd of mostly 30+ patrons who love the old stuff and love to keep their muscles and bones limber by getting up on the dance floor.

I’ve seen Phil & John work their magic on crowds much younger and more demanding than the throngs who regularly populate The Brawley, however. A few years ago I attended a weekend night they did at uptown’s Rose & Crown club, where the patrons were young hipsters and where they also completely jammed the dance floor once the boys got going.

There’s no cover for this afternoon’s show and the club also has a great front patio that’s a lot of fun to lounge on during beautiful weather such as that unfolding today.