R.I.P. Brian Maxim, Rock singer

It’s been ten years since Brian Michael Maxim left the band MOXY after four years as its lead singer in a re-formed version of the seminal 70’s group. But for many fans, he remains as much identified with the hard Rock band as its original singer, Buzz Shearman, who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in 1983.

Brian Maxim -facebook

Brian Maxim -facebook

Now Maxim, following a long battle with cancer, has passed away the evening of Friday, July 12, according to friends posting on his Facebook timeline.

Maxim was the singer on the band’s Raw cd released in 2002 through Bullseye Records. Original MOXY member Earl Johnson posted earlier today: “He deserves to be remembered as a very talented singer and a great guy. There are a lot of us who will miss him. He had a very tough road the past few years and I hope he is at peace now. He will be missed.”

After leaving MOXY, Maxim went on to be part of the Classic Albums Live troupe that tours Canada and the U.S., with which he performed for several years when he was able to. Prior to joining MOXY he had been the lead singer of Stumblin’ Blind among other TO area bands.

Although medical woes had slowed him down considerably the past couple of years, Maxim also still often came out to MOXY events (the band continues to do special events, with Earl Johnson still on guitar and various singers such as Alex Machin fronting the group) and occasionally at other shows, usually being asked to step in to do a song or two. Recently musical friends held a benefit for him to help him cope with his worsening medical condition.

Tributes and tears have been flowing steadily from fellow artists and fans in Facebook postings since the news was announced.

Goddo frontman Greg Godovitz posted: “A good friend, a great singer and a wonderful man…you will be fondly remembered my dear brother!…”

David Love, a fellow member of the CAL troupe, posted: “I am gutted to learn of the passing of one of the greats of the Toronto music scene: Mr. Stumblin’ Blind Brian Maxim. He had a big voice and a big presence and I admired him.”

Steve Cowan, who worked with Maxim in Stumblin’ Blind, said: “I still hear his voice every time I hear Paperback Writer (Beatles) and many other tunes.”

Another former bandmate, Sharon Kaczmarczyk, emphasized his personal qualities, posting: “Everyone knew he was sick, but how such a gregarious guy can just be gone, is beyond me. That big heart, s**t eatin’ grin….that gorgeous voice….that witty, self deprecating sense of humour just silenced? I can’t accept that, you see.”

No word yet on a funeral service or memorial show.