Roger Zuraw releasing new breakout single “Mimico Jail” at show tonight

You may think of Roger “Pops” Zuraw as a mild-mannered, avuncular fellow whose affable presence is always nice to have around during an open stage or any show; and his pleasant songs about the virtues of Toronto multiculturalism add to the patina of that persona. But beneath his innocuous exterior lurks the raw, passionate heart of a man who’s seen life from both sides, as others of his songs, such as “Homeless Man” and the ilk, express plainly.

Tonight he releases a tune about an institution that most of us don’t really want to know much about: “Mimico Jail.” Though he says he’s never been a resident, you can bet he’s known a few. The single will be available at his show tonight when teams up with Hurricane Mike Thompson at the eZone at 95 East Mall at the corner of Queensway in Etobicoke