An open stage with benefits tonight at Linsmore Tavern

Neve & Lil helped Ryan pick acts @ Linsmore Nov. 06 ;13 -17

Neve & Lil helped Ryan pick acts @ Linsmore Nov. 05, ’13 -17


By Gary 17

It’s always nice in life when you can combine purposes and energies to make the most out of your activities and situations. Having a “friend with benefits” is perhaps that kind of an arrangement, whereby two people nourish more than one aspect of one another and create a win-win for both.

You could also look at tonight’s edition of my open stage at Linsmore Tavern in East York that way I think. Playing an open stage can have its own inherent reward in and of itself of course, especially when it’s at an event where the music is taken seriously and where you’ll find an audience of like-minded souls with whom to share common interests and friendship.

But tonight’s Paying Gig Live Audition special edition of the event also has another benefit: owner Ryan Mangano is going to be on hand to select at least one of the acts to score a paying gig at the very warm and amenable tavern near Greenwood subway the night of Thursday, February 13.

Jan 28 AuditionsThe last time we held one of these affairs, back in November, Jamie Watling and his crew ended up getting the nod for an upcoming show –but three other performers on the roster that night also ended up getting some kind of paying gig out of the event as well, two as opening acts for bands doing weekend shows and another also for a showcase on a Thursday, when the room usually presents indie and acoustic-style acts.

Mangano was assisted in making his selections last time by the presence of his lovely assistant and companion Lil as well as attractive and personal weekend bartender Neve –hopefully they’ll be back on hand again tonight to add their opinions and delightful presences to the occasion!

Although normally I also have a feature performer in the spotlights as part of the proceedings, we’ll be foregoing that in order to ensure that as many people as want to perform all get onto the lineup –though of course it’s always a good idea to arrive earlier rather than later just in case it’s one of those packed nights.

We’ll have at least two mics set up, there are three instrument cords already hooked into the PA (with room for a couple more if folks bring their own cords) and I’ll have my acoustic house guitar available for use by participants. While there are no drums set up, some people in the past have brought hand percussion and even small “cocktail” sized kits and that’s perfectly fine, as is, of course, bringing along your keyboard. Don’t bother bringing an amp, however –I like to feed all the instruments through the PA to ensure a balanced sound and amps usually wreck that mix. Effects pedals and the like are fine, however and you can bring any sort of exotic instrument you can carry if you so choose –we even allow banjos! :)

Linsmore is located at 1298 Danforth Ave. less than 100 steps from the subway station and there’s free parking on the boulevard once we’re underway at 9. Light snacks are available in a small bar menu and drink prices are very pocketbook friendly.