Edo exploring new dimensions with violin accompanist -at Dora tonight

Edo & Anne Wheeler @ Hirut 121010-1alt

I’ve been a fan of South American expatriate Edo Peled since first hearing him perform at Dora Keogh (141 Danforth near Broadview) in early 2009 a few weeks after he was told not to return to the open stage at nearby Old Nick for speaking honestly while on stage.
But his outspokenness and integrity is just what I find so appealing about this emo artist. It also helps that his passionate songs expressing big love and big rage are couched in catchy music and delivered with his powerful, room-captivating voice. Now he’s also got violin accompanist Anne Wheeler backing him, adding a lot of sonic strength to his emotions, and also a visual bonus. Tonight they do the feature at the Dora as part of Julian Taylor’s weekly 9:30-1 open stage.

pic: Edo & Anne Wheeler -17