140623Mo Shows - With or without keyboardist Fonfara, Bentroots delights


With or without keyboardist Fonfara, Bentroots delights


With summer finally in full swing it means that international touring acts like multi-award winning Downchild Blues Band are in much demand across the country and continent for festivals and various other events.

What that means to TO five-piece swampy Blues band Bentroots, which appears tonight as part of the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival at Relish in east TO (sans the cover charge normally associated with TDJF shows) is that their star keyboard player Michael Fonfara may or may not be available for some of the twice-monthly shows they do at the funky tapas bistro at 2152 Danforth Ave.

Ed Roth at June 2 Bentroots show at Relish -Gary 17

Ed Roth at June 2 Bentroots show at Relish -Gary 17

Luckily they also have accordion wizard Ed Roth as part of the group. When they did a recent show at which Michael wasn’t able to appear, Ed, who this week was set up in the spot where Fonf’ usually has his keyboard, performed magically on his instrument, creating what to my ears was a sonic miracle by making it sound as if it were far more than just one instrument.

Between sets Ed told me that in fact his digital accordion basically is more than one instrument, with not one reed but a pile of built in sampled sounds plus various effects options that enables him to emulate voices and instruments to create a vast array of feels and aural colours –and which even allowed him to do keyboard solos on its little 36-key board. It’s more like a jukebox than an accordion!

Nevertheless, no matter how versatile the instrument, it takes a real virtuoso to make it come alive the way that Ed did.  I was transfixed!  Although the show was somewhat different in character from the normal more Blues-Rock oriented sound the group usually produces, it was still hugely entertaining and all of the other band members, (bassist Robert Newman, drummer Duncan McBain and lead guitarist/singer Nicholas Balkou) seemed to enjoy doing things a little differently.

Come to think about it –isn’t that exactly what Jazz is supposed to be all about? So whether or not Fonf’ is able to be there for the group’s 8-11 show tonight (and I’d be betting he will be –he missed the June 2nd show only because he was in Europe with Downchild) you can count on a hugely interesting evening that will delight not just Blues, R&B and Rock fans but also any Jazz connoisseurs in the house.

-Gary 17,


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