WOODYSTOCK returns Sept. 19 using great music to fight lupus

2015 Woodystock 1\ NEWMARKET \

If it’s the last Saturday of the summer (which September 19 is indeed) then it’s time for another incarnation of the annual WOODYSTOCK Festival in Newmarket, the annual concert of Rock and Blues music run by north GTA resident Woody S. Woodley to raise awareness and dough to fund research into lupus through the Lupus Ontario charity organization.

(Please note: there is also a different festival known as WoodyStock that takes place in the U.S. and that benefits The Woody Foundation, a non-profit group that raises funds for those recovering from spinal injuries.)

Scientists and doctors still don’t really understand the causes of lupus, a condition in which the immune system malfunctions, but its effects can be devastating on sufferers. According to www.lupusresearch.org, most common complications and symptoms are extreme fatigue, arthritis, fevers, rashes and kidney issues. There’s currently no cure and although various drugs help in management of the condition it can be severely debilitating at times.

Woodley, a veteran Keswick-based musician who will also perform with various combos at the show, has wide-ranging connections on the musical scene, both in cottage country and way beyond, as evidenced by the lineup he offered at last year’s WOODYSTOCK 2014 and again for this year’s WOODYSTOCK 2015 roster.

The 6 p.m. – 1 a.m. show, which takes place again in the Eaton Hall of Newmarket’s Royal Canadian Legion branch at 707 Srigley Street, includes Fathead members John Mays, Al Lerman and Papa John King as well as Jerome Godboo, Neil Chapman, Donnie Meeker, Dave Breckels, Jay Stoyan, Frank Gennuso, Joe Angello, Laura Lee Montgomery and her Tequila Rocking Birds and many, many more including various bands from disparate genres.

There will also be a brief address by the president of Lupus Ontario, Linda Keill, as well, of course, as opportunities to purchase various memorabilia, artists’ cds, etc., to help top up the funds for the charity.

It all kicks off at 6 p.m. and tickets will be available at the door.

-Gary 17, TorontoMoon.ca