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'Furthermore...' cover art

‘Furthermore…’ cover art


With vinyl and cassette recording now firmly back “in”, people in the U.S. talking about a revival of 1960s-style activism to combat the election of Donald Trump and the fact that icons like Nobel laureate Bob Dylan and the late Leonard Cohen just never went away, maybe the time for a return to synthy, sweeping psychedelic Pop is at hand as well.

If so, Alex Radeff and his Donkey band are well poised to help lead the latest turn of the “revolution” wheel.  The eclectic songwriter, who first came to public notice back in the mid 1990s, is obviously heavily influenced by iconic 60s groups such as The Beatles, as well as another seminal Brit group from the same era, Badfinger —which was actually, under its previous name The Iveys, the first band signed to the Fab Four’s new Apple label in 1968.  The name of Radeff’s group, Donkey, was actually, according to a bio in Jaimie Vernon’s indispensible Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia, inspired by the title of Badfinger’s 1974 album Ass.

Since Radeff first came on the scene with a well-received cassette, Heavy Light Ears, in 1995, he’s achieved a lot of acclaim for both his songwriting and guitar playing, as we’ve told you previously, and was for many years a favourite of legendary promoters Gino Empry and Gary Topp (of The Garys).  While he went sort of quiet for a few years about a decade ago, a couple of years ago he re-emerged with a new lineup for the group and has since then also been engaged in writing and recording.

Alex Radeff -Gary 17

Alex Radeff in 2015 -Gary 17

The result, Furthermore…, the first album of his I’ve heard since 2003’s Nodding At The Universe (he did release one in 2009, The Calling of The Streets, but it seems to have so far languished in probably undeserved obscurity) is being released tonight as the trio performs a 30-minute 11 p.m. set as part of a multi-act showcase at The Rivoli at 334 Queen St. West a little east of Spadina.

The album is laced with 60s style songwriting and sounds, though it’s most certainly not derivative, as Radeff has his own unique approach to a wide range of musical tricks and sensibilities.   There’s everything from psychedelic sonic sweeps and swirls describing the love affair between “The Donkey & The Unicorn” to more doleful minor-key laments of lost loves, opportunities and time on tunes like “I Stayed in Hamburg” and “I Should Be With You” or chunkier, even menacing Rock riffs on songs like “Nocturnal Awake” and “Tent City”.  There’s lots of other idiosyncratic innovation that makes ditties like “Strange Cat” and “I Beg To Differ”, while not really fitting in any recognizable category, strangely catchy and soon feeling welcomely familiar on multiple listens.

Radeff does pretty much all the vocals, with young bass player Anton Parlenyuk and veteran drummer Terry Kavanagh chipping in backing harmonies here and there.  While his voice isn’t naturally particularly pleasing or dynamic, he’s learned how to work around its limitations and utilize its strengths of sincerity and simplicity to make it compelling and highly convincing.  His singing draws you in and keeps you fastened tight to the narrative as the sometimes complicated or even convoluted tales and characters in the songs unfold.

There’s a lot to tickle your mind as well as your musical sensibilities here.  Many of the songs express a sense of aloneness and even alienation accompanied by the often futile quest to find identity and connectedness and yet it’s all dressed up with enough sonic glitter and glimmer that, while being profound in places and thought-provoking throughout, it avoids becoming depressing even if the angst never completely goes away either.

Cover for tonight’s show is $10 and for that you can also check out opening acts Long Branch and Lorraine Leckie at 9:30 and 10:15 respectively and Johnny & The G-Rays afterwards at 11:45.  If you can’t make this show, Leckie and two of the members of the G-Rays band will also join Radeff tomorrow night for a show in Hamilton at indie/Punk palace This Ain’t Hollywood on James St. North.

-Gary 17, TorontoMoon.ca

SHOW LISTINGS for Saturday, November 12, 2021

161110-support-the-moonListings are organized by area in which the shows occur and within each area field shows are listed chronologically.

Listings preceded by an asterisk (*) are repeating weekly events. (Double asterisk indicates repeating event with different hosts/guest/etc.). Events preceded by question mark (?) usually take place but have not been confirmed. Admission prices followed by a slash and minus (/-) after the amount indicates door charge with availability of cheaper rates for some purchases. /+ indicates stated price is minimum.

Names of subscribers appear in bold, are underlined and, where applicable, include a live link to their websites. Advertisers’ listings are in larger, highlighted type, include live link to website and also have ad icon included in listings.


dr-b-medicine-at-free-times, Brian Gladstone ad*12-3> The Sinners Choir @ The Rex, 194 Queen St. W., TO ~Jazz; $

1> Dr. B’s Acoustic Medicine Show open stage with host Brian Gladstone @ Free Times Café, 320 College St. TO

1:30> Brighid Fry @ Tranzac Club (Southern Cross), 292 Brunswick Ave., TO

3> The Hot Five Jazzmakers @ C’est What, 67 Front St. E., TO ~traditional Jazz; $5

3> Jamzac @ Tranzac Club (Southern Cross), 292 Brunswick Ave., TO

3-6> Mike Murley Quartet @ The Pilot, 22 Cumberland St., TO ~Jazz

3:30> Nina Richmond with Advocats Big Band @ The Rex, 194 Queen St. W., TO ~Jazz; $pwyc

4> Pints & Pages @ Cameron House (front), 408 Queen St. W., TO

4-7> Go Freddie Go @ Seven44, 744 Mount Pleasant Road, TO North ~vintage Rock ‘n’ Roll; $

*4:40-7:30> The Happy Pals @ Grossman’s, 379 Spadina Ave., TO ~New Orleans Jazz

*5-8> Blues & Troubles @ Déjà vu Bar, 389 College St., TO ~Blues

6> Big Tobacco & The Pickers @ Cameron House (front), 408 Queen St. W., TO ~original authentic Country

6-8> The Ault Sisters @ 120 Diner, 120 Church St., TO ~Jazz; $10-20/pwyc

6:30> Joe Hall @ Tranzac Club (Southern Cross), 292 Brunswick Ave., TO ~original Roots/Protest

7> Nags Players present “Swan Song” @ Tranzac Club (Main Hall), 292 Brunswick Ave., TO ~theatre

7:30> Pat Chessell @ Tranzac Club (Southern Cross), 292 Brunswick Ave., TO

7:30> Justin Bacchus @ The Rex, 194 Queen St. W., TO ~ Jazz; $

8-12> Little Peter and the Elegants for Na’amat Sock-Hop @ Bialik Hebrew Day School, 2760 Bathurst St., TO North ~50s/60s Rock ‘n’ Roll; $40

8> Carl Bray @ Free Times Café, 320 College St. TO ~original Pop Jazz/Classical; $10

8:30> Colin Hunter and the Joe Sealy Quartet @ Jazz Bistro, 251 Victoria St., TO ~Jazz; $15

*8:30-12:30> All Star Band feat. Joe Bowden & Brooke Blackburn @ Nawlins, 299 King St. W. TO ~Blues

8:30> Ivory Hours; Cairo; Nikki’s Wives @ Adelaide Hall, 250 Adelaide St. W., TO ~indie; $10

9> Long Branch; Lorraine Leckie; Donkey featuring Alex Radeff (11-11:30 pm album release for …Furthermore); Johnny & The G-Rays @ Rivoli, 334 Queen St. W., TO ~original Pop; $10

9> Synsonic Duo @ Dominion Pub, 500 Queen St. E., TO ~cover Pop Rock

9> Odd Ones album release; guests Uforia @ Hard Luck, 772 Dundas St. W., TO ~indie Heavy Rock; $

9> Ozone Baby @ Drums N Flats, 1980 Avenue Rd., TO North ~Led Zeppelin tribute

9> Bud Rice @ Cameron House (rear), 408 Queen St. W., TO

9> “Reykjavik Calling” with Axel Flóvent; Ceastone band; more @ Horseshoe Tavern, 370 Queen St. W., TO ~Icelandic Pop; no cover

9> Voltang; Vodnik; Laid To Rest @ Coalition, 282 Augusta Ave., TO ~indie Raunch ‘n’ Roll; $5

9> Knife Camp; Rotary Dial; Das Blankout; Villainest @ Cherry Cola’s, 200 Bathurst St., TO ~indie Rock; $10

9> Toronto Talent Championship with $500 cash prize @ The Central, 603 Markham St., TO ~contest

9> Zebra and the Bandit; Greybush; Manacle; The Advancing Low-Lives @ Bovine Sex Club, 542 Queen St. W., TO West ~indie Rock; $10

9> Clear Skies By The Devil’s Hand; Alyssa Tess; Formerly Doris @ The Cavern Bar, 76 Church St., TO ~indie

9:30> Joanna Majoko Band @ Poetry Jazz Café, 22 Augusta Ave., TO ~songwriter

9:30> Jay Harmony and the Groovesharks @ Seven44, 744 Mount Pleasant Road, TO North ~$

9:30> Neil Haden @ Originals, 1660 Bayview Ave., TO North ~cover Rock/Pop

9:30> Forever Man @ Scruffy Murphy’s, 150 Eglinton Ave., TO North ~Clapton tribute

9:30> Pontune 5 @ Alleycatz, 2409 Yonge St., TO North ~Funk/Soul/R&B; $10

9:45> Marito Marques Sextet @ The Rex, 194 Queen St. W., TO ~Jazz; $

*9:45> Tyler Yarema & His Rhythm @ Reservoir Lounge, 52 Wellington St. E., TO ~Jazz/Blues; $

10> Isabel and The Uncommons feat. Tony Quarrington on guitar @ Tranzac Club (Southern Cross), 292 Brunswick Ave., TO ~eclectic covers & orignals

10> Ride The Tiger @ Orbit Room, 580 College St. TO ~Funk/Soul; $

10> The Jessica Stuart Few @ Koerner Hall Lounge, 273 Bloor St. W., ~original & cover Pop

10> David Baxter @ Cameron House (front), 408 Queen St. W., TO ~original Roots-Rock

10> KC Roberts & The Live Revolution @ Revival Bar, 783 College St., TO ~Funk; $

10-2> The Rattles @ Grossman’s, 379 Spadina Ave., TO ~Beatles tribute

10> Mike Billick Trio @ Bier Markt King, 600 King St., West, TO ~Pop Rock


*3:30-6> Johnny Wright @ Outriggers, 2232 Queen St. E., TO East ~R&B

4-7> Catfish Blues @ Sauce on Danforth, 1376 Danforth Ave., TO East  ~Blues

6-8> Linda Lavender @ Relish, 2152 Danforth Ave., TO East ~Roots-Pop songwriter; no cover

6-8> Thelonious Hank @ Castro’s, 2116 Queen St. E., TO East ~Country

7> Big Sugar; openers Daylight For Deadeyes @ The Danforth Music Hall, 147 Danforth Ave., TO East ~original Reggae-Rock; $

7:15> Mark Yan & Barry Mulcahy @ Don Heights Unitarian Congregation, 18 Wynford Dr., TO East ~original & cover acoustic Pop; $5/$8 family

9-12> Fraser-Daley Duo @ The Feathers, 962 Kingston Rd., TO East ~original Roots/Blues; no cover

9> Maria Ryan & Chris Bennett @ Old Nick Pub, 123 Danforth Ave., TO East ~Roots-Pop originals

9> The Kat Kings @ Dora Keogh, 141 Danforth Ave., TO East ~Pop Rock

9> Andrew Fetterley Duo @ Murphy’s Law, 1702 Queen St. E., TO East ~Pop Rock

9-11> Yukon Cigar @ Castro’s, 2116 Queen St. E., TO East

9:30-11:30> Geoff Marshal & The Mailorder Cowboys @ Relish, 2152 Danforth Ave., TO East ~original Country; no cover

9:30> Mr. Pharmacist; openers The Dead Souls @ Linsmore Tavern, 1298 Danforth Ave., TO East ~tribute to The Fall & Joy Division; $10

10:30> Fat Tony @ Bier Markt Don Mills, 7 O’Neill Rd., TO East ~Pop Rock


southside-161108*3-6> Whitey & The Roulettes @ Blue Goose, 1 Blue Goose St., Etobicoke South ~R&B/Blues

**4-8> The Essentials with guest singer John Dickie @ Southside Johnny’s, 3653 Lake Shore Blvd. W. Etobicoke South ~Rock-R&B; no cover

*4-8> The Meteors with guest Mike Shotton @ Timothy’s Pub, 344 Brown’s Line, Etobicoke South ~Blues/Rock/R&B

7:30> Denny Christianson Quartet @ Old Mill Inn (Homesmith Bar), 21 Old Mill Rd., Etobicoke ~Jazz; minimum table charge

8> Heavy As Fuck launch party @ The Rockpile, 5555 Dundas St. W., Etobicoke ~Hard Rock/Metal; $

9> North of 49 @ Blue Goose Tavern, 1 Blue Goose Rd., Etobicoke South ~Pop Rock

9> The Brew @ Maple Leaf House, 2749 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Etobicoke ~Rock/Top 40/Blues

9:30> Oakland Stroke @ Timothy’s Pub, 344 Brown’s Line, Etobicoke South ~Power of Tower tribute; $

10-2> Bone-Yard @ Southside Johnny’s, 3653 Lake Shore Blvd. W. Etobicoke South ~Rock/Top 40; no cover

10> Fight Gone Bad @ Bier Markt Etobicoke, 199 North Queen St., Etobicoke ~Pop Rock


9-1> Harvest @ Black Dog Pub, 87 Island Rd., Scarborough ~Pop Rock

9> Heartless @ The Birchmount, 462 Birchmount Rd., Scarborough ~tribute to Heart; $10

9:30> Rock jam with Tommy Rocker Band @ Centro Pizza, 3406 Kingston Rd., Scarborough

*9:30-2> karaoke with The English Rose & The Mad Scotsman @ Winners, 2181 Lawrence Ave. E., Scarborough

9:30> The Left Fielders @ Stone Cottage Pub, 3750 Kingston Rd., Scarborough ~Pop Rock

10> Jason Martin @ The Newfoundlander, 472 Danforth Rd., Scarborough ~Country-Rock


*noon-3> Julian Fauth solo @ Axis, 3048 Dundas St. W., TO West ~Blues

*Noon-3> Danny Marks @ Cadillac Lounge, 1296 Queen St. W., TO West ~Blues/Jazz

*Noon-3> Corrigan and Schmitt @ The Passenger, 2968 Dundas St. W., TO West

1:30> Army of Sass; All Things Britney @ Drake Hotel Underground, 1150 Queen St. W., TO West ~fem Rock covers; pwyc

**2-5> Yor Magic Open Mic with host Harpin’ Norm Lucien @ La Rev, 2848 Danforth Ave., TO West

3:30> Mary & Micky @ Cadillac Lounge, 1296 Queen St. W., TO West

**5-8> Bill Heffernan’s Saturday Sessions with featured guest Cadre @ Gate 403, 403 Roncesvalles Ave. TO West ~ Roots/Country/Pop

5-8> Mr. Rick and the Biscuits @ The Local, 396 Roncesvalles Ave., TO West ~Americana Roots

*5-8> Blues jam with Ken Yoshioka @ On Cue Billiards, 349 Jane St., TO West ~Blues

7> Millow @ Drake Hotel Underground, 1150 Queen St. W., TO West ~indie; $12

9> Taylor Knox; The Acorn @ Burdock, 1184 Bloor St. W., TO West ~original Pop; $

8> Down The Void; The Stroll @ Smiling Buddha, 961 College St., TO West ~indie

8:30> Blues “3 Kings” tribute to BB., Freddie & Albert with Danny Marks, Frank Consentino, Jack de Keyzer, Dylan Wickens, more @ Hugh’s Room, 2261 Dundas St. W., TO West ~tribute; $

9-1> Julian Fauth Blues Quartet @ Gate 403, 403 Roncesvalles Ave., TO West ~original Blues; pwyc

9> Common Deer; M’grasker and Induna @ Junction City Music Hall, 2907 Dundas St. W., TO West ~indie; $10

9> Paul Reddick Band @ Cadillac Lounge, 1296 Queen St. W., TO West ~original Blues; $

9> Chris Culgin @ The Local, 396 Roncesvalles Ave., TO West ~alt-Country

9:30> Full Bore Blues featuring Dave McManus on bass @ Axis, 3048 Dundas St. W., TO West ~Blues; no cover

9:30> Colleen & The Bleeding Hearts @ The Cat, 3153 Dundas St. W., TO West ~Blues/Rock/R&B

9:30> Descendants of Doom Duo @ Brazen Head Pub, 165 East Liberty St., TO West ~Pop Rock

10-2> Mama Motown And Her Bad Decisions @ Dakota Tavern, 249 Ossington Ave., TO West ~Motown classics; $

10> Open Mind; Corey Dawkins @ 3030 Dundas West, 3030 Dundas St. W., TO West ~Reggae/Hip Hop; no cover

10:30> Hermán Olivera @ Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W., TO West ~Salsa; $15


3-6> Trickbag @ Brando’s Beach House, 135 Market St., Brantford  ~Blues

*3:30-7> acoustic jam @ Galt Legion Branch 121, 4 Veterans Way, Cambridge

6:30> Drew Chester @ The Village Well, 19 Queen St. E., Cambridge

8> Who Made Who; openers A Rebel Few @ Maxwell’s, 35 University Ave. E., Waterloo ~AC/DC tribute; $15+

8> TM Jazz Duo @ Easy Pour Wine Bar, 1660 Blair Rd., Cambridge ~Jazz

8> Concert for Standing Rock @ Red Papaya Thai and Grill, 55 Wyndham St. N., Guelph

8:30> Lonestar Café @ Fionn MacCool’s Kitchener, 4287 King St. E., Kitchener ~Country Rock

9> The Doozies @ Fionn MacCool’s Guelph, 494 Edinurgh Rd. S., Guelph ~Pop

9> Derm Kean; Yardlets @ Van Gogh’s Ear, 10 Wyndham St. N., Guelph ~indie; $7

9> Steve Hogg @ The Brownestone, 39 Queen St. E., Cambridge

9> Deluxe Drive Band @ Black Badger Pub, 55 Water St. N., Cambridge ~Pop Rock covers

9> Shred Penner @ Kiwi Gastropub, 47 Dickson St., Cambridge ~Pop Rock


5> Rick & Gailie @ Black Horse Pub, 452 George St. N., Peterborough

8:30> The Union Band @ Black Horse Pub, 452 George St. N., Peterborough

9> The Honeyrunners @ The Huron Club, 94 Pine St., Collingwood ~original Pop

9:30> The David Love Band also featuring Darrell McNeill @ Sticky Fingers Dunlop, 150 Dunlop St. W., Barrie ~60s melodic dance Rock-Pop

10> Mannerisms @ The Garnet, 231 Hunter St. W., Peterborough

905 EAST

1-5> Juggernaut Band with guests for brewery tour show @ Old Flame Brewing Co., 135 Perry St., Port Perry (pick up at and return to The Edge, 250 Bayly St.) ~Rock/Blues; $

*3-6> acoustic open mic/jam with hosts Chris Stapley & Earl Johnson @ Ridges Pub, 776 Liverpool Rd., Pickering

4> PRJ @ Simcoe Blues & Jazz, 926 Simcoe St., Oshawa ~Blues

*9-1> karaoke with Rob MacArthur @ Tudor Rose, 700 Harwood Ave. S., Ajax

9> Renegade Riders @ The Corral, 433 Simcoe St. S., Oshawa ~Country

9-1> Reflection @ Simcoe Blues & Jazz, 926 Simcoe St. N., Oshawa

9-1> Itchy & Scratchy @ Tap and Tankard, 224 Brock Rd. S., Whitby ~Rock/Pop

9> Highs @ The Moustache Club, 15 Simcoe St. N., Oshawa

9:30> Tamin’ Thunder @ The Edge, 250 Bayly St., Ajax ~Rock/Dance/R&B

10-2> Spitfire Kings @ Fionn MacCool’s Ajax, 36 Kingston Rd. E., Ajax ~Pop Rock


*3-7> open jam with Faces for Radio @ CC’s/Kennedy Court, 3 Stafford Dr., Brampton

8> Ayden Jacobs Duo @ Chuck’s Roadhouse, 2 Kennedy Rd., Brampton ~Pop

8-11> Music Box; guests Lone Cat; Ziv Whiskey @ Yogi’s Bar, 1285 Elgin Mills Rd. E., Richmond Hill ~cover Pop Rock

9> Sean Bourke Band @ Muddy Water Hotel, 25 Main St. W., Beeton ~Country Rock

9-1> Plan B @ Oscar’s Roadhouse, 1785 Queen St. E., Brampton ~Pop Rock/Top 40

9> Jazz band tba @ Lake Simcoe Arms, 21089 Dalton Rd., Jackson’s Point

9> The Kingfishers @ King Richard’s Pub, 15570 Yonge St., Aurora ~Pop Rock

9:30> Skip Tracer @ Jake’s Boathouse Brampton, 59 First Gulf Rd., Brampton ~Pop Rock

9:30> American Trilogy; Steve Michaels @ Spot One, 289 Rutherford Rd. S., Brampton

9:30> Pop Machine @ Aw Shucks, 15230 Yonge St., Aurora ~Pop Rock

10> The Fumblin’ TumbleWeeds @ Village Inn, 2 Holland St. E., Bradford ~high energy Country covers


**2-4:30> Davidson, Dicresce & Nero host jam with guests @ Pub Fiction, 1242 Garner Rd. W., Ancaster ~Rock/Top 40

**2> Brant Parker Band with guest Terry Gillespie @ Donnelley’s Pub, 54 Front St., Thorold ~Blues

*2-6> jam w. Tom Finocchio @ Sam’s Place, Barton-Chestnut Sts., Hamilton

**2:30> special guest tba with The Mighty Duck Band @ The Golden Pheasant, 244 Ontario St., St. Catharines ~R&B/Blues

**2:30> Blues Matinée @ Coach & Lantern (upstairs), 384 Wilson St E., Hamilton ~Blues

6:30> Raqs Mahasti; Audra Simmons; Ya Amar; Faith @ Casbah Lounge, 306 King St. W., Hamilton ~indie; $15

8> “MacBush The Musical” @ Artword Artbar, 15 Colbourne St., Hamilton ~musical theatre

8> Orangeman @ Pub Fiction, 1242 Garner Rd. W., Ancaster ~Rock/Top 40; $5

9> The Vapids; School Damage; The Noble Savages; Mind Crawlers @ This Ain’t Hollywood, 345 James St. N., Hamilton ~indie; $

9> Dave Pomfret @ Rebel’s Rock, 537 King St. E., Hamilton

**9> Niagara Rhythm Section & guests tba @ The Old Winery, 2228 Niagara Stone Rd., Niagara-On-The-Lake ~R&B/Blues

9> Group Therapy @ The Gladstone Hamilton, 1385 Main St. E., Hamilton ~Pop Rock

9:30> Retro Station @ Corktown Pub, 175 Young St., Hamilton

9:30> Coming of Age; Drum Café, The Soul Brothers for Hamilton Huskies team fundraiser @ Stonewalls Hamilton, 339 York Blvd., Hamilton ~Bues covers, originals & tributes; $10

9:30> Bryce Moore Band @ Doc Magilligan’s Irish Pub, 6400 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls ~Rock/Top 40

10> Don Vail lp release; guests Herd of Elk; Sweet and Lowdown @ Casbah Lounge, 306 King St. W., Hamilton ~indie; $10

905 WEST

**2-6> Sil Simone Band with special guest Sherrie Gold @ Carrigan Arms, 2025 Upper Middle Rd., Burlington ~Rock/Blues

**2-6> Saturday Blues Sermon with James Anthony & special guest Terry Chisholm @ Black Swan Pub Burlington, 4040 Palladium Way, Burlington ~Blues

*3-7> jam with Michelle Deneault & Redder @ Port Credit Legion, 35 Front St., Port Credit

*3-7> open stage jam @ Moonshine Café, 137 Kerr St., Oakville; $2

4-8> Tony Paglia @ Roc’n Doc’s, 105 Lakeshore Rd. E., Port Credit ~Pop Rock

8-12> JASCO for Rognvald’s 40th “Grumpy Old Viking” birthday @ Moonshine Café, 137 Kerr St., Oakville ~$10

8> Tia Brazda @ Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, 130 Navy St., Oakville ~original vocal Jazz; $

9> Justin Time Band @ Mulligan’s Pub, 2458 Dundas St. W., Mississauga ~Rock/Top 40 covers

9> RootBone @ Carrigan Arms, 2025 Upper Middle Rd., Burlington ~Blues

9:30> Peter Lafferty @ Shore Grill, 71 Lakeshore Rd. E., Port Credit ~Pop Rock/Top 40

9:30> August Ray @ The Franklin House, 263 Queen St. S., Streetsville ~Country-Rock

9:30> Infringements @ Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub, 158 Queen St. S., Streetsville-Mississauga ~Pop Rock

9:30> Mike Stevenson @ Gator Ted’s, 1505 Guelph Line, Burlington ~Pop Rock

9:30> Wavelength @ Boston Manor, 4460 Fairview Ave., Burlington ~RUSH tribute; $

9:30> Cameltones @ Jersey’s Bar, 1450 Headon Rd., Burlington ~Rock/Top 40

10-2> Karnival Band @ Roc’n Doc’s, 105 Lakeshore Rd. E., Port Credit ~$

10> Taxi @ Bier Markt Mississauga, 55 City Centre Drive, Mississauga ~Pop Rock

10:15> The Doubts @ Failte, 201 City Centre Dr., Mississauga ~Pop Rock

10:30> Friday Night Special with Mary Simon @ The Dickens, 423 Elizabeth St., Burlington ~Pop Rock

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