BULLETIN: Johnnie Lovesin spending Thanksgiving in hospital with unspecified condition

Johnnie Lovesin in 2005 -Gary 17

Johnnie Lovesin in 2005 -Gary 17


Veteran Rock ‘n’ Roll guitarist extraordinaire and songwriter Johnnie Lovesin is spending Thanksgiving in hospital in Toronto according to posts on his Facebook timeline and is expected to be there for a while.

According to a friend of his, Bill Belson, Lovesin was taken to hospital by his wife, Michele Morgan, and son, Britton, when they noticed he was severly ailing and swollen in many places on his body while visiting him last week.

He had been living in the tiny hamlet of Jordan, Ontario, for several years, as we noted in a recent article about his TO birthday show on Monday May 23.  But it’s not clear whether he is still living there or he had relocated back to Toronto prior to being taken to the emergency department at Toronto General Hospital in the middle of last week.

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Belson posted on Friday that Johnnie was expected to remain in the hospital at 585 University Ave. for some time while being treated and then could be relocated to another less intensive facility for recovery.

“I saw him today and he is more alert and talking,” Belson reported on Friday, adding that “Johnnie said that they did lots of tests today and stuck a huge hose down his throat (Endoscopy).  He is a lot more coherent today and opens his eyes and talks a bit.”

Dozens of fellow musicians, old friends and fans have posted good wishes on his timeline. Updates to follow as received.

-Gary 17, TorontoMoon.ca