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Brian Jantzi 2016 -GARY 17

Brian Jantzi 2016 -GARY 17


Perhaps it’s in part because he’s so generous of spirit that Brian Jantzi hasn’t received a lot of recognition for his original Roots-Rock tunes —yet.

That may change later this year when it’s expected his debut album should be ready, but so far most of my coverage of this versatile and personable artist over the past few years, for example, has focused on his endearing habit of performing covers of tunes by other local musicians we both know and admire.

He also has a habit of turning his gigs, which normally bill him as fronting his amorphous Lost Mariachis of Pancho Villa band (comprised, Perth County Conspiracy-style, of various combinations from a pool of twenty or so local Roots all-stars on a wide variety of instruments) into sort of free-for-all affairs where friends often are invited up to join the group or do a few tunes of their own.  Then too, he’s often in the background providing musical support on guitar (or a number of other instruments he plays, like bouzoukis, oud, sitar and banjo) for a lot of other artists at their shows.

In typical Jantzi style, for example, he’ll also be just one part of a troupe of local Roots talents who gather to pay tribute to Christine Gaidies this Thursday for the August installment of Glen Hornblast’s Nashville Bound series at Free Times Café —and whose obit Brian wrote for this publication, choking back tears as he did so, after she passed last month.  He’s always among the first to volunteer for “cause” shows and a frequent supporter of other artists’ gigs and open stages.  This Friday, for example, he’s out on Centre Island to support Mariachi member Pete Janes, who’s hosting a late-afternoon/early-evening open stage at the Island Marina bar.

All that community building may have led some of us to take Brian a little for granted.  Distracted by his penchant for sharing the stage and gifting his talent to the compositions and performances of others, somehow his own music has sort of gotten a little lost in the mix.

That’s a pity, but one easy to rectify, since it only takes a couple of mouse clicks to hear (on his Reverbnation page) some rough, in-progress recordings of songs planned for the album.  And even in proto form, they impress.  Tunes like “Slave to the Fashion” and “Junkie For Emotion” are both clever and pointed, while made catchy with an energetic rootsy Southern Rock/Tex-Mex musical carriage that sustains a good-humoured and infectious groove —very much like he delivers in person!

While it may not have been laid out in writing before, the respect in which Jantzi is held by other songwriters can be measured in part by how many are happy to be part of his group, the number who turn out to his shows and also by the many who want him to be part of their gigs.

Steve Payne -promo shot

Steve Payne -promo shot

And if that wasn’t already obvious, surely the team-up Brian is doing tonight is a pretty good indication of how highly he is held in regard by other seriously talented composer/performers.  We mentioned in an article a few weeks ago that Canadian ex-pat Steve Payne was doing some shows visiting from the U.K. and it turns out he’s still here and not only doing a show —accompanied by Jantzi— tonight at a Bloor St. West bar, but also doing some recording with Brian for the new disc while in town.  This is a guy who’s played with members of Fairport Convention and who did an Ontario tour with David Kopfler of Dire Straits a few years back!

I hadn’t previously heard of the Wolf Like Me bar at 834 Bloor Street West, a couple of blocks east of Ossington, which describes itself as a “dive bar” and according to its website and Facebook page appears to have been offering live music four nights a week (Sunday through Wednesday) for at least the three or four months or so.  Regrettably, the bar’s website has nothing listed since the first week in August, making it difficult to take them completely seriously, though the Facebook page is more up to date.  The roster so far has been a mix of Roots, Blues and Jazz acts —including Payne the previous two Tuesdays this month and again next week.

But however this evening’s show has come about, or what the performance area set up might be like, it has already helped to shine a brighter spotlight on Jantzi so it’s definitely worth supporting the room tonight for that.

-Gary 17,

SHOW LISTINGS for Tuesday, August 16, 2021

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6> Morning Martyrs @ Cameron House (front), 408 Queen St. W., TO

6-7:30> Leslie Huyler @ 120 Diner, 120 Church St., TO ~ indie; $10-$20/pwyc

6> NOA; Nate Daviau; Rachel Myers @ The Central, 603 Markham St., TO

6:30> Worst Pop Band Ever @ The Rex, 194 Queen St. W., TO ~Jazz; $

*6:30-9:30> Stacie McGregor @ Nawlin’s, 299 King St. W. TO ~Jazz piano

7> open mic @ Daniels Spectrum, 585 Dundas St. E., TO

7-10> Michael Kleniec @ Victory Café, 581 Markham St., TO ~Jazz

7:30> Aurochs @ Tranzac Club (Southern Cross), 292 Brunswick St., TO

8-11:30> Steve Payne with Brian Jantzi @ Wolf Like Me, 834 Bloor St. W., TO ~original Roots-Pop; pwyc

8-9:30> Annie Bonsignore with guest Carmen Toth @ 120 Diner, 120 Church St., TO ~ indie; $10-$20/pwyc

8:30> Hank’s Aluminum Siding @ Free Times Café, 320 College St., TO ~Blues/Ska/Funk mix; pwyc

*8:45> Tyler Yarema & His Rhythm @ Reservoir Lounge, 52 Wellington St. E., TO ~Jazz/Blues; $

9> The River Groves; Honest Living; West Coast Grey; Karl Wash @ Horseshoe Tavern, 370 Queen St. W., TO ~indie; no cover

*9> Chris Caddell Blues Band @ Lou Dawgs, 598 King St. W., TO ~Blues

9:30> The Waring Blues Band @ Grossman’s, 379 Spadina Ave., TO ~Blues

*9:30> open mic @ The Paddock, 178 Bathurst St., TO

**9:30> Jazz jam hosted by Sly Juhas @ The Rex, 194 Queen St. W., TO ~Jazz; $

*10-2> The Sattalites @ Orbit Room, 580 College St., TO ~original & cover Reggae/Funk; $

10> Ken McDonald Quartet & guests @ Tranzac Club (Southern Cross), 292 Brunswick St., TO ~Jazz

*10> The Hit Pickers @ Cloak & Dagger, 294 College St., TO

10> The Sinners Choir @ Cameron House (front), 408 Queen St. W., TO ~Rootsabilly

10> Chris Birkett with guest Melanie Peterson @ 120 Diner, 120 Church St., TO ~ indie; $10-$20/pwyc

10:30> Dan & Jerry @ The Hideout, 484 Queen St. W., TO ~indie Rock


*6-9> Julian Fauth solo @ Sauce, 1376 Danforth Ave., TO East ~original Blues piano

7-10> Henry Lees & Lawrie Ingles @ Relish, 2152 Danforth Ave., TO East ~eclectic songwriters; no cover

*7:30-11> Matt Winkler solo @ Firkin On Danforth, 2057 Danforth Ave., TO East ~acoustic Pop

7:30> Neiko Case/K.D. Lang/Laura Veirs with Ciaran Lavery @ The Danforth Music Hall, 147 Danforth Ave., TO East ~songwriters; $54-64

8> open stage @ Hirut, 2050 Danforth Ave., TO East ~Roots

8> Alexadra Hawse; Bruce Palait; Scratch Nasty @ Linsmore Tavern, 1298 Danforth Ave., TO East ~indie; no cover

8:30-10:30> Eric and the Soo @ Castro’s, 2116 Queen St. E., TO East

*9-1> jam with Paul Storm and The Hog Town Torpedoes @ The Duke Live, 1225 Queen St. E., TO East

*9> open mic with host Asha Diaz @ Groove Bar, 1952 Danforth Ave., TO East

*9:30> Peter Verity @ Black Swan, 154 Danforth Ave., TO East ~Folk Roots

**9:30-12> open stage hosted by Jay Pennell or Kyle Duffin @ The Old Nick, 123 Danforth Ave., TO East


4> Harpin Norm Lucien & Nicole Coward @ Stonegate Farmers’ Market, 200 Park Lawn Rd., Etobicoke ~original Roots

*8> Groovestone @ Timothy’s Pub, 344 Brown’s Line, Etobicoke South ~Rock/Soul

*8> open mic with Steve Herman and Scott Deathe @ Refinery Public House, 3039 Lake Shore Blvd. W., Etobicoke


*9:30> karaoke with The English Rose & The Mad Scotsman @ The Fossil & Haggis, 790 Military Trail, Scarborough


5-8> Sarah Kennedy and Matt Pines Duo @ Gate 403, 403 Roncesvalles Ave., TO West ~Jazz

7> various acts for Choir Nation Benefit Concert to support Momentum Choir, MusiCounts and Unison Benevolent Fund @ Lula, 1585 Dundas St. W., TO West ~eclectic; $25

8-10:30> Tuesday duos with Peter Hill on keys & guest Jake Wilkinson on trumpet @ La Rev, 2848 Dundas St. W., TO West ~Jazz/Blues

*8-11> Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party @ The Inter Steer, 357 Roncesvalles Ave., TO West ~acoustic Folk-Rock originals & covers

8> Write-On Showcase @ Junction City Music Hall, 2907 Dundas St. W., TO West

8:30> The Mae Trio @ Burdock, 1184 Bloor St. W., TO West ~Australian Folk songwriters

*8:30> Andrew Collins Trio @ Cadillac Lounge, 1296 Queen St. W., TO West ~original acoustic Pop

9> Shaemara; Jes Cho; Desire featuring Kosa @ The Piston, 937 Bloor St. W., TO West ~indie; pwyc

9> HairBRain @ The Local, 396 Roncesvalles Ave., TO West ~art Folk

9> Astrid & Steve Foster @ Holy Oak Café, 1241 Bloor St. W., TO West

9> Chelsea McBride Trio @ Gate 403, 403 Roncesvalles Ave., TO West ~Jazz

*9> jam with The Northern Greys @ The Cat, 3513 Dundas St. W., TO West


*10> open jam with host Chris Brown @ Brando’s Beach House, 135 Market St., Brantford


7> open mic with Randy Hill @ Black Horse Pub, 452 George St. N., Peterborough

9> Farm Boy @ The Spill, 414 George St. N., Peterborough

10> The Switches; Stacey Green Jumps; Penny Punk Explosion @ The Garnet, 231 Hunter St. W., Peterborough

905 - EAST

*6:30-11> The Woodshed jam with Don Niblett & Frank Zochodne @ Simcoe Blues & Jazz, 926 Simcoe St. N., Oshawa

*7-11> open acoustic jam with Darren Smith & Shayne Thomas @ The Thirsty Monk, 21 Celina St., Oshawa

9> The Colt Walkers @ The Corral, 433 Simcoe St. S., Oshawa ~Country Rock

*10> open mic with Josh Beaven @ The Atria, 59 King St. E., Oshawa

905 – NORTH

7-10> open song circle with Patti McLaughlin @ Aw Shucks, 15474 Yonge St., Aurora

*8> open mic @ The Tickled Toad, 330 Steeles Ave. W., 905 North

*8-11> jam with Matthew Kane & The Brews Brothers @ The Crown, 9580 Yonge St., Richmond Hill

*8:30-12:30> open mic @ Falcon & Firkin, 10300 Yonge St., Richmond Hill

*9> open mic with Manny D, Andy Earle & Dave Breckels @ Big Chris BBQ, 17380 Yonge St., Newmarket

905 - SOUTH

*8> Blues & Jazz jam hosted by Wayne Janus & The Syncopaths @ Rebel’s Rock, 537 King St. E., Hamilton

*9> open jam @ This Ain’t Hollywood, 345 James St. N., Hamilton

*9:30-1> Traditional Irish jam @ Corktown Pub, 175 Young St., Hamilton

905 - WEST

*8> The Phil & John Show @ Shore Grill, 71 Lakeshore Rd. E., Port Credit ~acoustic Pop Rock

*8-12> Big In Japan @ Roc’n Doc’s, 105 Lakeshore Rd. E., Port Credit ~Rock/Funk; $

*8> open stage (signup at 7:30) with host Neil McNaughton @ Moonshine Café, 137 Kerr St., Oakville; $2

*8> open mic night @ Fionn MacCool’s Burlington, 2331 Appleby Line, Burlington

*8:45> open mic with Matt Zadkovich @ Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub, 158 Queen St. S., Streetsville-Mississauga

*10> Chuck Coles of The Organ Thieves and Creepshow hosts open mic @ The Dickens, 423 Elizabeth St., Burlington

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