Jon Long no longer part of Wednesday’s Child jam at Lola

For one reason or another drummer and promoter Jon Long is no longer part of the Wednesday jam at Lola Pub in Kensington Market, as we had reported that he was last week.

Jon Long -17

Jon Long -17

It’s difficult to know for sure exactly why, since Jon has been incommunicado the past couple of days. His voicemail message box is full and he hasn’t responded to emails or Facebook messages asking him to call.

It may simply be that he’s found he’s too busy to make a regular commitment to the show, especially with various other events in the hopper, including a previously announced Danforth Jam showcase at the pub August 17 and similar events at The Duke Live! Aug. 24 and Cherry Cola’s Aug. 29. He’s also recently started his own record label and says he’s signed the Random Order band to his roster. His bi-weekly Sat. afternoon jams also continue at Black Swan Tavern, with the next one scheduled for this coming weekend on Aug. 3 from 1-5 or 6.

On Monday someone representing the Wednesday’s Child band that has hosted the Lola jam for a couple of years now (presumably bassist-guitarist for the event and group leader Johnny “Bootz” Hutt) had posted a note on the group’s Facebook page stating: We would like to Thank Jon Long for sitting in with us for a couple of jams and would like to welcome our newest member of the band Richard Gerrard our new drummer.”

The Lola event starts at 8 p.m. and runs till 1 a.m. in (and often outside) the tiny pub at 40 Kensington Ave.