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Songbird Nicole Coward taking flight with new ep release tonight


It’s been just over two years since the release of Nicole Coward’s marvelous debut album of original Folk songs, Why Don’t You Care, which established that this leanly statuesque and passionate lady has a potentially big future ahead of her by drawing on the past for inspiration for her solidly crafted tunes.

During that time for a while she was somewhat waylaid from a potentially soaring career trajectory by the need to make a living —believe it or not, being a Folk songwriter, even one as undeniably talented as she is, doesn’t do much to help put food on the table and heat in the house in today’s world.  And some jobs are just too soul-destroying to be compatible with a songwriter’s main mission.

But having resolved that situation a few months ago with a day job at the new Humble Beginnings, a west-end restaurant and music venue at which she also plays a prominent role as talent booker and host for the weekly Saturday afternoon showcases, she began recording new songs earlier this year with songwriter Derek Downham as producer and engineer Phil Houston.

(She also adopted a new moniker by promoting herself as “Songbird” —a name which I am on record as not being totally fond of, as I explained in an earlier article— and going so far as to even change the name of her website to, although nowadays, tellingly, she’s using, which goes to exactly the same place and her name appears as Nicole “Songbird” Coward on its banner and much of her recent promotion.)

Nicole "Songbird" Coward -Gary 17

Nicole “Songbird” Coward -Gary 17

Whatever she calls herself, this true songbird is unquestionably back on the wing again and ready to soar with her new six-track Strong Enough For Love disc, being released tonight at Junction City Music Hall at 2907 Dundas St. West.

Interestingly, she’s not only included a cover song in this set of tunes, but actually named the ep after it —as well as turning it into a kind of lynchpin theme for promoting her music and sensibility by putting it on t-shirts (available at tonight’s show) with the tagline: “I AM Strong enough for Love. BE PART OF THE MOVEMENT”. I don’t see any credits for the design of the very 70s-style icon, but it’s really nice work.

The ep’s title track and inspiration for the “movement” was penned by soulful songwriter and much in demand harmonica accompanist Harpin’ Norm Lucien, who will be one of several special guests at the show —which will be much more than just another record release.

Icon inspired by the song.

Icon inspired by the song.

(Coward’s version of the song is markedly different from how Lucien performs it, btw, and it has taken a little getting used to for me, having heard Norm do it several times. But he’s a fan of the new version, saying it gives the song wings and “releases it to the heart” —and he’s not alone in showering it with effuse praise: several music critics have raved about it and her enthusiastically. You can check out an excerpt of her version yourself at

As well as featuring Coward’s current band (Chester Manoharan on bass, Venezuelan drummer Randolf Jiminez and keysman Blair Minnes), Lucien will perform, as will songwriter Christine Gaides, Ben Plotnick and Jarred Albright of Rye & Fairy Tales fame and flautist Jamie Thompson of The Junction Trio, with emcee Dan McLean Jr. tying it all together.

What’s more, the event is also being billed as a 60s/70s Folk-Revival Party. Expect lava lamps, tie-dye outfits and so forth. In the spirit of the occasion, Coward and the band will also perform songs by artists of that halcyon era such as Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Joan Baez et al —writers whose work resonates in her own approach to music.

It all starts at 6:30 and admission is just $10. You can pick up a copy of the new ep for an additional $10 and there will also be discounted copies of her debut album —plus, of course, the t-shirts!

-Gary 17,

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6:30> Nicole “Songbird” Coward performs for release party for Strong Enough For Love ep; also featuring Harpin’ Norm Lucien + flautist Jamie Thompson @ Junction City Music Hall, 2907 Dundas St. W., TO West ~Roots; $10

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