Additional listing / special event post for Sun., Nov. 15, 2015: Jeff Mara Memorial Jam

nov 15 2015

I just found out this afternoon about a special event taking place tonight 6-10 p.m. at the Spot One Bar in Brampton at 289 Rutherford Road South.

Hosted by David Love Band and also featuring Al Reilly and other members of his Catalyst band, it’s the annual Jeff Mara Memorial Jam to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Mara was one of Love’s first bandmates, part of the group known as Titan that formed in the Brampton area 1972. He passed away from cancer in 2012.

At least one of the participants in tonight’s show says they attempted to inform me about the event by inviting me to it via the club’s Facebook group event —however petty Joe Pinto, the booker for the club and admin of the group, had previously barred me not only from membership in that Facebook group but from seeing any of its posts, so I was not made aware of the event until an hour ago.

(I had dared to voice my criticism of the group failing to post details about its live bands —after its boasting about winning an award as the best live music room in Brampton— because I had the room included in my show listings templates and was getting frustrated by going to the group page only to see no current information.  Now I’ve had to remove the club from the listings templates and cannot be invited to any events there —it seems protecting his fragile ego is more important to Pinto than helping to promote the bands that play in the club.)

Admission to tonight’s show, which should totally rock, is by donation to the cause.

-Gary 17,