It’s “in with The New Scoundrels” in Brampton tonight

In With the New Scoundrels 141114It’s “in with The New Scoundrels” in Brampton tonight


While Brampton mayoral politics isn’t quite as supercharged or world renowned as what residents of Toronto have become used to over the past few years, things have hardly been placid in “the Rose City” on that front during the past term either.

Outgoing mayor Susan Fennell –turfed from office last month after being relentlessly pursued by the Toronto Star over allegations (sounding familiar?) of using hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money for personal comforts like fancy dinners, hotels and limousine rides— is now in the final two weeks of her official term and it’s still up in the air whether she’ll be repaying hundreds of thousands of dollars to the city or receiving a similar amount in a golden handshake, so the controversy should continue right up to when she vacates the office December 1.

Johnny Rock -Facebook

Johnny Rock -Facebook

But while residents of the multi-cultural burg may be happily chanting “out with the old rascals!” today, don’t be surprised if, after tonight, some are also shouting “in with The New Scoundrels!”, as the talent-laden Rock band by that name makes its debut at Shangri La Bar.

The little room at  305 Charolais Blvd. in a neighbourhood strip mall a bit north of Steeles Ave. and a block west of McLaughlin Rd. South will resound to the double-guitar of veteran six-stringers Jonny Rock and Dave Girdlestone, while viscerally sensual singer Amanda Rose handles lead vocals and a rhythm section holds it all together.

There’s no cover and the show gets underway at 9:30. Don’t be intimidated if you see a limo parked outside –it’ll probably just be Susan and Rob looking for some inspiration while plotting their comebacks.

-Gary 17,