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It’s taken him almost half his life, but singer James Alcock, who first came to most people’s attention as a singer for AC/DC tribute bands Bare Rump and Powerage a few years ago, is feeling right at home these days with a new tribute to the Australian rockers that’s starting to get some positive notice.

James Alcock -Gary 17

James Alcock -Gary 17

While his role emulating both Bon Scott and Brian Johnson for Hell N Back is something he’s very excited about, Alcock tells us that he’s not forgetting about his other involvements either. He’s also lead singer for RGB Rock band and, for the past two years, for Andrew J. Walsh’s Rockin’ A Hard Place, about which I’ve written previously.

Not bad for a guy who’s only been singing professionally for six years plus a previous two decades as an amateur –and there’s more. He’s recently also been asked to front a new tribute to the group Dio.  But it’s when he talks about Hell N Back, which plays in premier Bolton venue Stewart Maguire’s Landing tonight, that Alcock gets most animated.

“We’re all friends and there’s no drama, no egos, says the 51 year-old Mississauga-based vocalist, who moves and explodes on stage with energy more like a man half his age and whose versatility has become somewhat of a hallmark.

Hell N Back has only been around for a few months –it started in December, formed to do what was expected to be a one-off for a charity concert in Streetsville. But, as Alcock tells it, “it went so well we decided to keep it going.”

With some previous bands he was doing most of the bookings, but with HNB, “I do one, someone else gets one and we’re also working with three promoters now,” he says.

“We want to have the biggest (AC/DC) song catalogue out there.”

The diversity of their repertoire certainly impressed one blog reviewer, who went to see them at a bar in Toronto and went back out the next night for their show in Brampton and who noted they do a lot of tunes that hard-core fans seldom get to hear live. He was also mightily impressed by Alcock’s ability to morph between the styles of Johnson and Scott from song to song, making each one believable.

The reviewer and Alcock both rave about the band’s “Angus” portrayer, lead guitarist Kyle Cyr. “He’s only 26 years old and new to this but with great attitude and energy,” Alcock says. His youth enables him to mimic all the moves fans expect from the unpredictable sparkplug and the outfits are spot-on.

Jeff Collins does the “Malcolm” rhythm guitar; Garry Lennox, who was also in Powerage, is on drums “and sounds exactly like Phil Rudd,” Alcock says; while Marty Portier handles Cliff Williams-style bass duties; all bring aplomb and dedication to the show.

Tonight’s gig starts at 10 and I don’t believe there’s a cover charge but if so it’ll be minimal and well worth the investment to see this group in a room that’s got a very well-appointed stage and enthusiastic patrons who, right about now, are “Those About To Rock”!

-Gary 17,

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9> G-String @ Maple Leaf House, 2749 Lakeshore Boulevard East, Etobicoke ~Rock/Top 40/Blues

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9:30> Nine Times Band @ Alleycatz, 2409 Yonge St., TO North ~Funk/Soul/R&B; $10

9:30> Melody MacDougall @ The Duke Live, 1225 Queen St. E., TO East ~Pop Rock

9:30> Groovestone @ Linsmore Tavern, 1298 Danforth Ave., TO East ~Rock/Pop; $5

9:30> Greg Wyard @ Stone Cottage Pub, 3750 Kingston Rd., Scarborough ~Pop Rock

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10> The Dirty Rottens featuring Anthony Cee @ Smiling Jack’s, 3482 Lawrence Ave. E., Scarborough ~classic Rock

10> Hell N Back featuring James Alcock @ Stewart Maguire’s Landing, 15 Allan Dr., Bolton ~ AC/DC tribute

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