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Sonic blooms from Howard Gladstone in the Garden this evening | 180829We | Shows for Wednesday, August 29, 2021

\ TO CENTRAL Uptown \ Veteran Roots songwriter Howard Gladstone and singer/pianist Laura Fernandez have been performing together for some time now and Latin-Jazz songwriter and radio show host Fernandez is part of Gladstone’s new trio act (with Tony Quarrington) that we told you a bit about in June. Fernandez is also involved with sonic… 180821Tu | Shows for Tuesday, August 21, 2021

171205 Moon lights up live music night ALT

 -Gary 17, [email protected] * [email protected] SHOW LISTINGS for Tuesday, August 21, 2021 For KEY to listings codes and schemata see note at end of shows list. Names of subscribers appear in bold, are underlined and, where applicable, include a live link to their websites. FOR SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS VISIT: Advertisers’ listings are in larger,…

Let’s NOT go to The Ex!

Justin Antheunis, president of IATSE Local 58, from CBC screen capture.

\ TO CENTRAL/WEST \ As regular readers will know, every year for the past decade or so I have made a point of including listings from the annual Canadian National Exhibition, which runs from tonight till Labour Day, in our calendar of shows.  Although the headline acts don’t need the extra publicity, the Ex has…